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Michael Speaks: The Essence Of Children

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When I saw this posted, I wanted to do a quick theorizing of my guesses for what I imagine roles might be good at and have to learn for the greatest quality of education, before I read this.

Something to compare with what the Ms share.

I wrote those down and then came back here to read this transcript. Some of what I wrote was validated! But the Ms added so much more about WHY these lessons are important for each role.


Here's what I speculated:


Good with: Emotion and Instinct

Needs to develop: Moving and Higher Emotion


Focuses on meaning. Wants to find and do what matters and makes a difference. Needs encouragement that their efforts to help are appreciated.

Seeks comfort, supportive environments, intimacy and simplicity.



Good with: Intellect and Higher Intellect

Needs to develop: Emotion and Higher Emotion


Wants to recruit, help and heal. Likes to be the task master to lead others to the right path. Needs encouragement to see the impact of their words and give themselves and others space to learn that meaning.

Naturally connected to spirit and spirituality, to the potential and metaphysical of life. Loves to inspire and benefits from having a muse or cause but not attaching to the muse/cause. Requires true rest to replenish inspiration.



Good with: Intellect and Higher Intellect

Needs to develop: Emotion and Instinct


Needs to express what's important to them, but learns to focus and listen to what's important to others. Learns to share reciprocally. Meditation and rest is helpful for Sages to find their voice.

Lots of laughter, play and levity is necessary. Wants others to be involved. Aims to find the fun in work; and to play with their levels of expression to find what message, tone and voice works best for the situation.


I notice I flipped the centers for the Priest. 

Two reasons: I confused "Perception" with "Insight", as in English they are pretty similar words. I assumed that since Priests have to use expression to convey their inspiration that they might be best at the intellect, and thus their development would be in creating an understanding of the emotional subjectivity and reconciliation of truths.


I also wrote my speculation of the Warrior, King and Scholar but since those weren't posted here, I won't share them. Unless you guys want me to.


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Anyways as I said before, the info on Artisan definitely resonates! I definitely learn through art, design and keeping things new and invigorating.

And it's absolutely essential for me to develop the Moving Center and bring the Higher Moving experiences I have into a physical form. I've learned much about this these last few years.

I also resonate with the info on Priest, especially these:

"The Priest who use the Intellectual Center as a distraction instead of as a balance can find themselves in great mental stress as they overthink and overanalyze and generally short-circuit themselves if what they have decided is true is not obvious or received well."

"As toddlers, it can be helpful for the Priest to continue being surprised, to be exposed to new things on a regular basis, to be introduced to new people, to see art, to see animals, to have changes in routines."

Makes sense since I have a Priest Entity and that is how I relate to and experience myself as part of the world.


This info solidified that my mom is definitely an Artisan-cast Server, but the info here on Priest makes me think my mom has a Priest Cadence because she definitely relates like a Priest given this info on being right. That could make her "community job" that of Innocence.

The info on Server also made me think of my cousin, who also just wants to do the right thing. When Servers feel happy and needed, we all benefit immensely.

It makes me wonder how resourceful Servers will feel in a Resource-based Economy.

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Awe this made me reflect on little royce.

The one thing I do not remember having as a child was structured productivity.

Thus I became naturally extremely productive in areas that fascinated me : storytelling, art, character creation.

I remembering being virtually the only kid on the playground ( my school had ten people) who would be fluid in gender roles when it came to role playing with my friends. Loving rocky horror picture show as a ten year old, as it represented the ultimate role playing story. You can even choose your gender! 

I only began to struggle with creativity when I became 20 and life began focusing more on survival than “ What can I create next?”.

This is when the lack of structure as a child caught up to me. I literally had ZERO drive to create anything that did not seem immediately playful. I percieved the “ adult” world of survival as painful, full of limitations, joyless, death. I did not seem to have the ability of forseeing the benefits of something that was not immediately satisfactory to me right NOW. Sex became the only arena for around ten years that felt creative.

Reading the above, it seems like a young artisan that grasps intention early on can bypass a lot of the lashing around later in life.

I am sure other artisans can relate to creativity coming extremely easy to them as a child in the areas that were “ effortless” but creativity in the areas that were not immediately “ effortless” had to be developed. Productivity requires intention, the ability to see what you are creating now is building towards something greater. There will be consequences to creations. Your intention matters.

It is taking me into my 30s to really comprehend that.

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On 2/24/2019 at 3:09 PM, Bobby said:

They would rather simply inspire and touch lives without the mess of considering results. They would rather assume their existence is enough to bring the good they wish to bring to the world.


I really resonate with this part of the Server info and have been thinking on this for a couple of days. My Moving Center is my least used, and it took me a long time to accept the time and effort it takes to turn intentions into results. Wanting to inspire and actually being inspiring are two different things. People who are inspiring have usually done something to warrant it. They don't just talk about it. The relationships that are meaningful in my life are meaningful because I've been through experiences with them that are supportive, collaborative, or even challenging. Some of my strongest relationships are ones from the cannabis company I worked for where there was a different battle every week. I have a comrade-at-arms-like relationship with my ex-coworkers there. LOL. I can see why the comrade-at-arms experience is so attractive to Essences. 

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Luciana Flora
On 2/24/2019 at 8:09 PM, Bobby said:

There tends to need to be "that one teacher" or that one classroom, or that one friend, at least, who satisfies the Warrior's Emotional Center and gives meaning to the structure, order, education, progress, etc. The Scholar can dive into a subject and learn about it all day long by himself, but the Warrior does better if someone is with her.


The Warrior may be designed for action and movement and strategy and order, but if there is no affection, no bonding, no inspiration, the Warrior is either a rudderless boat with no horizon in sight, or a ballooning of pressure that may burst into uncontrollable spiraling.

Reading this I really think my education was really far from ideal .. because I had an extremely isolated childhood and adolescence.


I do not think there was this person who satisfied my emotional center. I had no friends at school and I felt misunderstood at home ..


  And it was only when I was 23 that I met someone who could be called a friend.


In fact the school was my worst time in the friendship issue ..


I had totally given up having friends .. I was not even looking for .. even with Danny the initiative was hers ..

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I really resonated with this:


They do not need for you to be hard on them. They are very hard on themselves, especially in terms of their growing need to create and own their part in the picture they see of themselves in life.

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Me too @Bobby


People are always telling me I'm too hard on myself and have been all my life.  However, it feels like the most natural thing in the world and I have a hard time imagining any other way, frankly.


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While I don’t feel I need more validation that I’m a server, i find that each paragraph in the server section accurately describes me. The info about “the right thing” resonating now.  No wonder I don’t “feel tethered to meaningful existence.” Dang, childhood is important! 


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I can relate to this, needing a safe person and kindness, and I was lucky enough to have it in my parents. I am at my best when I am inspired, because inspiration that can be applied, is real, and real can be reassuring, expansive, secure, and kind. At least, this is what I want to have and want to generate. One of my trues is giving affection lol. 

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I'm so happy I can implement this with my kids at work :') !!! And Love that these suggestions are well applicable at any age!! ❤️ 


"As toddlers, it can be helpful for the Priest to continue being surprised, to be exposed to new things on a regular basis, to be introduced to new people, to see art, to see animals, to have changes in routines"


Up until I was 5 years old,  my parents traveled a lot because my dad is a road engineer. They took me along the coast and mountains of Perú. Lots of new things to see, people, customs, animals, nature...great times  :') ❤️ 

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