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12 COMPONENTS of Healing


In response to the 12 Stages of Healing: The Stages are relative to the 12 forms of Support that one must bring into the process of healing. We will clarify those here as succinctly as we can:


MEntity:   These "Stages" are not sequential as much as they are "components" that must be included eventually for full healing.


MEntity:   In light of that, we will refer to these as the 12 COMPONENTS of Healing.


MEntity:  Love must be present in the process of Healing, and this means a kind of acceptance, or surrender to the reality of the illness or challenge. The resistance often causes the pain, but acknowledging the validity of where you are in your health can help transform the properties of it.


MEntity:  Knowledge must be present in the process of Healing, as one must understand what the ailment or challenge is, and eventually what can be learned from the experience.


MEntity:  Compassion must be present in the process of Healing, as it is important to allow for it to be a messy process, a tedious process, an inconvenient process, etc. Compassion is the kindness necessary for those moments.


MEntity:  A Teacher/Teaching must be present or identified in the process of Healing, as there is always something or someone that can be found to have a message in the experience. This is different from Knowledge in that Knowledge is a general grasp on the nature of the ailment or challenge, and a knowing that the experience can offer learning.


MEntity:  The Teacher/Teaching, however, is the actual "lesson" that one feels he or she has extracted from the experience.


MEntity:  Appreciation must be present for full healing to be experienced, as every illness or challenge has as part of its origins a missed realization, something taken for granted, a need for increase of gratitude for some part of the self, the life, relationships, etc.


MEntity:  Nurturing must be present for full healing to be experienced, and by this we mean that it is directed toward something else along with the self. Often this is done by taking care of a plant, an animal, or a project that requires some kind of attention in this way.


MEntity:  Laughter must be present for full healing to be experienced, and this is rather obvious to some. Laughter is not necessarily the "best medicine," but it is one of the best.


MEntity:  Structure must be present for full healing to be experienced, and by this we mean the adherence to any practices, disciplines, rehabilitations, medications, etc.


MEntity:  An Anchor must be present for full healing to be experienced, and by this we mean that at least one person is identified as someone who will be with you through all or most of the process of recovery. Of course, this includes yourself, but to have someone to depend on can help accelerate healing tremendously.


MEntity:  A Healer is the most obvious that needs to be present for healing to occur. Someone, even if this is the self, is identified as a facilitator of your recovery and healing that you feel is competent and effective.


MEntity:  Awareness is a component that must be present for full healing, and by this we mean that sense begins to be made of the entire experience in a way that allows for it to move away from the body and the present.


MEntity:  This is different from Knowledge and Teacher.


MEntity:  Think of Knowledge as the Foundation, Teacher as what is built upon that foundation, and Awareness is the bigger picture that includes those.


MEntity:  And finally, there is Inspiration. This is the realization of what one will do for the self, for others, and for the life upon recovery or stabilization.


MEntity:  Keep in mind that these 12 Components play into every challenge or illness that requires a recovery, from the flu to grief


MEntity:  Of course, we synopsised our descriptions for the purposes of this live chat, but we think this will help to have the whole set of 12.


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