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@Leela Corman, I'm right there with you on the "I don't know how to deal with it and my tiny brain is not designed to process it"! Honestly, I believe it's just so overwhelming and on such a vast scale that no individual, no matter how smart or knowledgeable, can grasp it, let alone do something about it. But I read this in @DianeHB's journal and this jumped out: 

MEntity: This is because, regardless of what it looks like in the world at the moment, you are moving away from navigating constant opposition and learning to navigate in constant cooperation.


MEntity: This is true on a personal, community, and global scale.



I think Climate Change is one of those "Mature and old souls will have to step up to the plate and work on all this together" things. Something that will get many of us on board cooperating rather than competing or grandstanding. Our individual brains can't solve it but many of our brains together can.


For example, there is the U.S. Climate Alliance (https://www.usclimatealliance.org/) - and since November 2018, newly-elected Democratic governors have joined the alliance, making it grow to 23 states in all. Nevada's Steve Sisolak is a Democrat who replaced a Republican governor in November and he just joined. Elections, consequences, etc. But I remember in a Q & A with Michael a while back they said that the states are waking up to cooperating with one another without the need for a federal government oversight...

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