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Natural Vegan Club- body care products!


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I came across this brand selling sustainably packaged and sourced vegan body care products like shampoo, deoderant, lip balm etc.

There's even an everything bundle!

I think I might buy one?




Thus far the site has great ratings and commentary.

Let me know what you think!



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I'm not sure. It could be a technical issue, but have you noticed that every product has the same rating and reviews? It makes it difficult to determine the merits of each individual product.


They do have some interesting-looking products, though.


If you try it out, let us know what you think! (And also how much they're charging for shipping. I couldn't find that information anywhere.)

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Absolutely @Sarah that's my intention.
If they're shitty products I'll let you guys know. But regardless I did get around to buying them because I want to make a difference.

In Canada I think the price overall was almost 70$ for the everything basket.
If they're a legit company I am excited for the future of better packaging.

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Ok so I got the Everything Bundle a while ago and took pics but just didnt update yet.

Point blank: most of the products are great! The bodywash, soap, shampoo bar, lip balm etc. work really well.

The deoderant doesnt work with my body and didn't mask or block the scent of my armpits though :/. So I had to buy a different vegan deoderant, but it still produces packaging waste so that sucks.

I haven't tried the lofa yet. Looking forward to using it though.





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I try to stay as local as possible with my purchases, so I can't comment on your local stuff. I just look at the ingredients and decide by that, the beauty or style of packaging is a bonus, but no longer a selling point for me. I'm also sensitive to smells, especially since pregnancy and childbirth, so I can't use anything other than natural. My rule is basically: don't put anything on your skin you wouldn't feel comfortable eating. I've also been using solid shampoo and toothpaste tablets, but I haven't yet managed to get my daughter to use a shampoo bar, so I still buy the cheapest natural bottle shampoo for her and we both use it as shower gel as well, I see no need for separate products there. Also, if your deodorant doesn't work as such, use it as a hand or foot cream, or shoe cream 🙂 The ingredients should be just fine for those purposes as well.


I've been using a locally made vegan deodorant and lip balm in cardboard packaging and both work great for me. We'll see what I'll say should I get the menopause sweats 😄I've heard you need to give time for your body to get used to the natural deodorant if you used regular stuff before. I know people who swear by crystal deodorants (alum), but those may be hard to find in packaging other than plastic, although I've seen them sold here as package-free bars for after-shave use, as it also stops bleeding fast.

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