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Energy Report: APRIL 2015

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April 2015


ROLE: Scholar (emphasized all year)
CENTER: H. Moving (default to Moving) (emphasized all year)
GOAL: Submission (emphasized Jan - Mar)
MODE: Caution (emphasized Apr - Jun)
ATTITUDE: Stoic (emphasized Jul - Sep)
CHIEF FEATURES: Stubbornness/Greed (emphasized Oct - Dec)


APRIL brings a shift of emphasis from the Goal of Submission to the Mode of Caution. All Overleaves are in effect all year, of course, but the emphasis does shift. From April through June the emphasis shifts away from the initiation and setting of context and motivation for the year and shifts toward the evaluation of relationships and the nature and state of your relating.


In a “season” of Caution, relationships will tend to be evaluated in terms of DELIBERATION and PHOBIA. Deliberation is the careful, conscious consideration of how one relates to something or someone. Phobia is an irrational fear and aversion to something or someone.


As you can see, Caution already exemplified itself in the first week of April in the world in several ways, most notably characterized by the Religious Freedom and Restoration Act in the United States and the negotiations with Iran over nuclear facilities. Caution is key this year in terms of moving forward toward greater peace, or toward another great war. This is a pivotal year in that regard, in all levels of relating, from interpersonal to communal to national to global. April through June is a serious look at how consciously you navigate your relationships, how deliberately relationships are secured, nurtured, maintained, and understood or how phobically relationships are rejected, destroyed, undermined, and distorted.


As is often the case, the emphasis came first on the Negative Pole of Phobia, but quickly shifted to Deliberation in the above examples. Phobia will not go away, nor will it be necessary for it to go away, but Phobia without Deliberation is incredibly destructive. Deliberation will always take Phobia into consideration and navigate with fears and concerns in mind, but consciously and carefully, instead of through outright rejection, reaction, fear, and distortions.


We mentioned in our previous report through Troy that this “entrance” into the Mode would likely come with a rise of emphasis on Phobia, and it would appear that the collective conscious is “right on schedule.”


It is important to note, though, that Phobias are often not known or understood to be in effect until they are, and often only when very loud and clear. There are many instances in life that one may be phobic, but you do not have to contend with the triggers for that phobia, so you have no idea just how irrational and fearful you may be in reaction to a trigger. In a year of Caution, you may find that your phobias may suddenly come to light regarding intimacy, responsibility, sharing, caring, enthusiasm, contribution, value, or any other seemingly understood quality of life to which you relate. These often show up as surprising because you either thought you were beyond those fears now, or you did not know they existed, either in the form they now exist, or at all. Your first reaction may be Phobia. You may react with irrationality and aversion that seeks only to push away the trigger. This would likely be clearly seen in your world from the most personal to global in terms of surprising phobias being brought to light with which to contend.


If the Mode remains in Phobia, efforts aim only to destroy or distance oneself from the trigger. This can show up in ways from blame to full-scale war. If the Mode shifts into Deliberation, then this is similar to taking a deep breath, gathering one’s wits, and discerning between the truth of the matter and the unwarranted fears of the matter.


Imagine walking through the woods and seeing a giant bear standing tall in the path ahead. Your initial reaction is going to be panic and possible overreaction. Phobia triggers the fight or flight extremes. However, Deliberation is the moment you take to adjust your eyes to see that the “bear” is a giant log leaning against a fallen tree across your path. Deliberation takes a moment, just a moment, and assesses if what is triggering your panic is real or imagined. In most cases, one will find that the threats are imagined. Imagining threats is helpful for understanding and navigating threats, but Phobia does not differentiate between imagination and actuality. Deliberation does not ignore threats, but only deals with them as real when they are real.

The recent events on a national and global scale we mentioned above exemplify precisely how Caution works from the Negative to the Positive. This is how it may work for you in your personal life, as well. You may have your “freak out” and your panic, with extremes that call for fight or flight, but if you pause for a moment, take a deep breath, and sort through the differences between imagined threat vs real threat, you will likely realize you were never in danger.


As April continues into May, Caution will likely be pointing you to any areas in your life, and in the world, that are ready for Deliberation, and no longer willing to endure states of Phobia.




Apr 04 - 06 -- ENERGY SHIFT - WAKING UP - There appears to be a wave of vitality and energy amplification among our student over these days that may feel as if you are shaking off a sleep, waking up, and feeling like you must get back to focus on things that matter. No matter how busy or how much downtime you may have had in the past 2 weeks to 4 weeks, there was likely a sense of fog about the days. That fog appears to have been the overlapping of Submission and Caution causing some to shrink and recoil at the implications. This Energy Shift seems to clear the air, the heart, and the mind in a way that says, “okay, I’m back.”

Apr 18 - 20 -- NEXUS - CONVERGENCE - a reunion of parallels that had branched around 2002 regarding overreactions and phobias that took the world in a far more precarious direction toward full-scale war. Those parallels managed to bring the focus back toward peace, and whether you would like to think so, or not, toward “this” parallel where peace is far more secure than many parallels. The emphasis in “this” parallel continues to move toward greater and greater peace, even as there are clear growing pains.


A TRIGGER INVITES YOU TO BE BIGGER - When you find yourself triggered into Phobic reaction, or irrational thoughts, or feelings of aversion, you are likely being invited to grow, to be bigger and more inclusive than you thought you could be, or thought you were. In some cases, you may not have even thought about it before. But now you are invited to do so. Allow room for the reaction, but be Deliberate in your action.

PEACE IS NOT PERFECT OR ALWAYS PRETTY - Peace will never be about agreeing, complying, ensuring like-mindedness, or removal of challenge. Peace is the embrace of evolution. Peace is inviting challenges. Peace is allowing for differences. This is true in global and internal terms. Peace is not fought for or imposed. It is negotiated and realized. It is remembered. It is Deliberate. Remember this as you worry about your life and the world. Peace can be sustained even though the most turbulent of times because that turbulence is embraced as part of the growing pains of evolution. Peace is not fantastical. It is practical.

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