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UPDATE: confessions of a channel

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I am so shocked in my safe little bubble to read this Troy. It is pure insanity this sort of thing could and can happen in this day and age. This systems needs to, and luckily will, come down. 
I hope it's all sorted now for you and you can concentrate on the good in life. Sending you lots of love.


@Rosario, could you please send me those links, too? My neck and thus head is quite problematic, some stretches make it better and some i'm not sure might make it worse. The best help is simply pressing those awful knot spots in the back, neck and back of skull, but i don't have anyone with healthy enough hands/arms to do it regularly. Spike mats (I have the Swedish Fakir Mat) are a nice self-help and great for general relaxation, too.

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((((((Troy)))))-  so glad you are feeling better and were able to regain health insurance.  It can be pretty scary to not have any-  I have been without it for 4 years now-  and buy all my thyroid meds online from godknowswhere (Turkey?India?) Some good news- New York is going to start implementing a "healthcare for all" system, costs based on income-  not on age and medical history.  It won't be fully available until 2021, but I am keeping fingers crossed that it is actually good coverage-  not the $$$ garbage available now (https://www.lohud.com/story/news/politics/politics-on-the-hudson/2019/01/08/how-new-york-city-provide-health-care-all-city-residents/2511988002/)


And I keep holding the vision of a Progressive, Trump-free future-  with less Hate, more Love, where ALL people are taken care of and the planet and it's other inhabitants are supported again.  I agree-  the political climate of the past few years has been psychologically brutal. 

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Thank you so much for sharing this, Troy.  


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