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Energy Report: AUGUST 2015


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August 2015



ROLE: Scholar (emphasized all year)

CENTER: H. Moving (default to Moving) (emphasized all year)

GOAL: Submission (emphasized Jan - Mar)

MODE: Caution (emphasized Apr - Jun)

ATTITUDE: Stoic (emphasized Jul - Sep)

CHIEF FEATURES: Stubbornness/Greed (emphasized Oct - Dec)


AUGUST moves into the shift between the Negative Pole of Stoic and toward the potential of the Positive Pole, a precarious shift between Resignation and Tranquility. We say “precarious” because that shift away from Resignation may tend to come only after you “hit rock bottom,” or when you have exhausted your capacity to make excuses for yourself, for justifying your lack of effort, or your repetitive, fruitless efforts. For some, this may mean remaining trapped in Resignation, but for others, it means prompting a complete overhaul in Attitude, a shift toward an awakening in how your inner fuel is used.

“Feelings” are not just emotional, not just of the body, but intellectual, as well. Feelings begin with thoughts, are reinforced by emotions, and then are felt in the body. This is part of why we have always said that the Attitude is key to the relief from your Chief Features. If you can change your Attitude, you can change everything. In other words, if you can change your thoughts (intellectual/attitude), you change how you see things and relate (emotions/mode), which can change what you do and how you feel (moving/goal). How you feel about a person, about life, about plans, about the future, the past, about anything is an indication of how you use your Attitude.

Your “feelings” are not information. They are byproducts. They are results. This is not to say that feelings are not helpful, but we know that many of our students have been taught to “trust their feelings,” which can often translate into “what I have decided is true must be true.”

We have said this before, and will say it again here: FEELINGS ARE NEVER THE TRUTH.

Feelings are how you feel about the truth. Feelings are how you react to the truth. Feelings are how you navigate the truth. Feelings tell you how you feel. Feelings tell you the story of you in relation to the truth. Nothing else.

To a great extent, then, feelings can be very helpful, but only when they are understood as YOUR STORY, NOT THE TRUTH. This is why it is important to trust your feelings. Because you benefit from learning your story. You benefit from understanding your story. You benefit from seeing the results of your processes and navigation of thoughts, emotions, and actions. But when you let feelings stand as indications of the truth, of fact, of any reality beyond you, then you fall prey to the negative poles of you that then trigger your Chief Features.

Again, your feelings are beneficial and there for a reason. They show you the sum of your thoughts, emotions, and actions/reactions. But they are not the truth. If this is difficult to understand, consider these scenarios:

A mother discovers that her child is gay. Her child “comes out” and frees himself from the fears imposed by society. She is devastated. She feels her son has betrayed her. She feels he has condemned her life, and his.

Is this true? Has his choice caused all of these things? No. Of course, not. These feelings are merely the reflection of her story. Not the truth, and nothing to do with her son’s choices. It is how she feels about the truth, but her feelings are not the truth. Her feelings are as valid as anyone’s, but they are hers.

A son “comes out” as gay, and his mother is devastated. She rejects him. She decides that she cannot accept him. He loses his mother. He feels the loss, the pain, and the sadness of all of this.

Are his feelings fair? Do these feelings seem more justified than his mother’s? Of course they seem to be, but they are not. They are of the same stuff. They are his feelings about the truth, but they are not the truth. In other words, his feelings are a result of processing his mother’s choices, but they are not the truth about his worth, his value, his choice. His feelings are no indication of what he should or should not have done. They are his story. They are valid.

Years later, the mother has a change of heart, an awakening, a realization, and embraces her son. He accepts this reunion and is relieved. Both are truly happy. Both feel happy, closer than ever, and inspired.

Are these feelings the truth? No more than the pain of disappointment and shock. No more than the pain of rejection. “Good” feelings are still just your story. They are how you feel about the truth. They are never the truth. When the mother rejected the child, the truth was that he was gay. It was nothing more than that. When the son felt the pain and lost in the rejection, the truth was that his mother did not have the capacity to comprehend a truth. When both were elated with joy at their reunion, the feelings were about the truth of that reunion. The reunion was the truth, but how they felt about that was still their own stories.

In each of the scenarios above, the truths can remain the same, and the feelings have been completely different. No feelings would have changed the truths. Feelings would have only told each about their part in the story.

However, it is important to note: the more negative and restricted a feeling, the more it indicates that you have either rejected the truth, wish to change the truth, or do not understand the truth. Negative feelings are not bad. If you feel bad, you have rejected the truth, wish to change the truth, or do not have the whole truth. On the other side of this, if you feel good, you have accepted a truth, or some part of the truth, embrace that truth, or some part of it, and have a greater understanding of the truth, or some great part of it.

And this brings us back to the Attitude of this year.

The shift away from Resignation and toward Tranquility can only come with an acceptance of some truth, or some next part of a truth, can only come with the embrace of a truth, or some greater part of a truth, can only come as you gain a better understanding of the truth.

What “the truth” is can be tricky to separate out from your feelings, but it is there, and it is often very simple. The truth is never very complicated. The truth can be complex, but not complicated. There is a difference.

For many of our students, then, August is a month of picking through the rubble and jumble of feelings to find the simple truth, and begin the process of differentiating one’s story from the truth, of differentiating one’s feelings from the truth, so that the acceptance, change, and understanding can come, bringing with it the Tranquility.


August 7 - 11 -- ENERGY SHIFT - ACUTE FOCUS - For many of our students, this energy shift brings with it a highly-focused and intense look at something relevant to each. It looks as if it is a window where something that requires this kind of focus is allowed to have that focus, or the demand for that focus is high.

August 14 -- NEXUS - CONVERGENCE - A set of “straggling” parallels appear to be on their way to returning to “this” parallel. These appear to be versions of you that “gave up” at one point, and stopped trying because of some hardships, obstacles, or struggles. Those parallels have gained momentum in healing and effort, and are merging into “this” parallel. The collective momentum may begin to be felt as your own effort, enthusiasm, and energy amplify.


YOUR STORY IS YOUR STORY - Your feelings are not the truth. Your story is not the truth. It is your unique and wonderful and painful and terrifying interpretation of the truth. Listen to your story, but know that you are writing it. You can change your story. The story is yours.

THE TRUTH IS SIMPLE - No matter how complicated your feelings, no matter how complicated your story, no matter how wonderful or painful your feelings, the truth that is involved is simple. If you are looking for the truth around which you tell your story, look for it in its simplicity.

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