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September 2015



ROLE: Scholar (emphasized all year)
CENTER: H. Moving (default to Moving) (emphasized all year)
GOAL: Submission (emphasized Jan - Mar)
MODE: Caution (emphasized Apr - Jun)
ATTITUDE: Stoic (emphasized Jul - Sep)
CHIEF FEATURES: Stubbornness/Greed (emphasized Oct - Dec)


SEPTEMBER brings with it a close to the Stoic Attitude and another round of freeing up the Higher Moving Energy that will likely show up in a range between Dissonance and Resonance, Chaos and Beauty. These qualities would likely show up within and around our students, not just in one place or another.


Many of our students have had a more difficult time moving through the emphasis of energy of the Stoic Attitude, so the experience of Resignation (the negative pole) may start to become heavy, and begin to crack and release the Higher Moving Energy in startling ways that are working to clear the perception of Resignation. However, because it is a rise from the Negative Pole, it may not look or feel pretty as you free that energy. It may be experienced as a low rumble that carries with it the weight and implications of Resignation, or it may burst forth unexpectedly and in disturbing ways. In either case, it is an indication that you have fallen into Resignation, which is a defense against Chaos, a defense against not being able to see clearly, and is a false form of calm. As your Resignation begins to break down, either in bursts or in more controlled release of pressure, it may take you a while to collect yourself, clear the air, and return to Tranquility.


Tranquility is confident serenity, and the capacity to adapt and adjust perceptions as a means to remain calm, truly calm, as a means to see clearly. The higher patterns may not be clear, but the more immediate patterns are addressed and navigated as a vital part of helping contribute to the higher patterns.


As your own Higher Moving Energy comes out as controlled or unleashed Chaos to clear up Resignation, it is clearing a path to Beauty and Tranquility, to Resonance and calm, and because it is still a Moving Center, it will require effort. It will not happen on its own. The force will not carry you. You must make the effort to take the reigns of your energy and perceptions back into your own hands.


This same energy can be seen in the world around you as controlled or unleashed chaos breaks through from the various large pockets of defeat from resignation and the work of clearing paths to resonance, beauty, and calm continues. For some areas of the world, or in some groups of population, or by some fragments in power where there is a refusal to rise beyond the negative poles, this will likely come out as a means to impose and enforce resignation upon others.


Imposed resignation rarely goes well, and even for those who have moved into Tranquility, the pain of this will likely be obvious in the world. Tranquility will be difficult to sustain, and the sense of resonance very difficult to feel with “the world,” but keep in mind that Tranquility, Resonance, and Beauty, do not equate magical solutions, do not equate easy or guaranteed happiness. In fact, as is true of all positive poles, Tranquility and Beauty means allowing room for the chaos and the ugly. It does not go away just because you know there is more than that. It does not get solved by higher or clearer perceptions. The positive poles here only mean that you now own your power of choice, your power of navigation, your power of actions, reactions, and perceptions, and you do what you can, when you can, and how you can, and you know when you cannot.


STUBBORNNESS and GREED make an early entrance of emphasis this year, as well, bringing into September a launch into even greater actions reflecting the fear of Change and Not Having Enough.


For our students, we can only suggest that you monitor yourself and each other in loving ways that help you to notice if you are resisting or rejecting change, and/or if you are acting out in ways that express your sense of lack and unfulfilled needs.

For most older souls, Stubbornness does not show up in the more obvious ways that resist change, but in ways that are far subtler. The older soul navigating Stubbornness will reflect this by being entrenched in the past, entrenched in personal experience, and in ways that refuse to grow beyond what he or she has deemed true about the self, about another, or about the world. They feel their experience trumps the experience of others, and speak in conclusive ways. Another way that the older soul navigates Stubbornness is by rejecting or condemning any challenge or interruption to their idea of peace, condemns or rejects any turbulence or difficulty, and finds it difficult to function amid sudden changes, chaotic differences, and discomfort of any kind. The older soul in Stubbornness will tend to presume that sustained comfort is the only answer or path, and that any challenge to that sustained comfort is a threat.


For most older souls, Greed does not show up in the more obvious ways that are about lack in material ways, though it can show up that way, but it most often shows up in ways that are far subtler. Regardless of Soul Age, Greed is a fear of lack, or not having enough, and it becomes fixated on that lack. For most older souls, that lack tends to be in more emotional and intellectual realms, such as intimacy, intelligence, relationships, socializing, real communication, kindness, understanding, patience, etc. This means the older soul becomes fixated on whatever that lack is and loses all capacity to see or feel beyond that lack, and this prompts desperation, overreaction, high sensitivity, defense, entitlement and passive or active demand to have that lack satisfied, or at the very least, acknowledged.


As Stubbornness and Greed creep into emphasis among our students, it will be important to consider your rigid reactions, your entrenchment in your past and your conclusive truths, and your sense of entitlement and expectations of others to make up for your lack. These Chief Features are rare in the Overleaves of our students, but they are ancient to you in the use of them across lifetimes and Personalities, so as these come up “in the air” of September through December, there may be an artful insidiousness that will require a close and compassionate eye.


This same energy of Chief Features has moved into emphasis in the world, as well, but in the more classic and obvious ways. Stubbornness will show up as refusal to change, refusal to grow, refusal to be inconvenienced and bothered, while Greed will show up as panicked fears and defenses of resources, hoarding, closing off borders, villainizing those with whom one does not wish to share, etc.


We will address these Chief Features more as they become further emphasized in October through December.




September 03 - 06 -- ENERGY SHIFT - WAKING UP - For many of our students, this energy shift may show up as a shaking off of sleep, of exhaustion, of vague weight and heavy energy, and a freeing up of the Higher Moving Energy that has more potential for Resonance. Dissonance is clarified as utterly unappealing, and efforts to nurture resonance and beauty may become the emphasis, and may be easier to do so.


September 14 -- NEXUS - CONVERGENCE - A merging of Parallels for many who have had parts of themselves exploring isolation, separation, and lack of intimacy and community. A shift in awareness and a heightened effort toward nurturing and sustaining common ground, intimacy, and resonance. This is not just in terms of our students, but a shift that relates to issues of immigration, borders, and equality, as well.



BEAUTY IS NOT ALWAYS PRETTY - Beauty is not inherently pretty, nor is there a standard for it. Beauty is a means of making sense of chaos, and this means that even chaos can be beautiful. That is the nature of Beauty. It includes the Chaos. It does not exclude it. It does not condemn it.


CHAOS IS NOT ALWAYS UGLY - Chaos is not inherently ugly. It is a churning of energy, and shifting and changing, and a rearranging of energy, and while this can be difficult to navigate, it is not inherently ugly. The raging rapids of a river are no uglier or more beautiful than the stillness of a lake. They are connected, and both require different ways to navigate, but both have their value, benefit, and methods of movement. You cannot control the depths of stillness and you cannot control the rapids, but you can learn how to navigate these, and the rewards for both are beautiful.

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