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2nd Internal Monad

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I think it's important that we get the whole gambit of in-depth info on Internal Monads. We have the 1st and 3rd IMs fully covered, but not the 2nd?
More exploration and elaboration of healthy movement through the 2nd IM would dovetail well with our new explorations of childhood education. This seems important for raising children in the Mature Soul Paradigm too, as there's way too much focus on punishment and reward, and few explorations of parenting styles beyond absent, permissive, authoritarian and authoritative. 


I like the way Janet framed her question setup for the 4th and 5th IMs, so I would frame my setup the same way:
"Today, we'd like a "topic level" comprehensive overview about the 2nd Internal Monad. It should include identifying those who are stuck in negative poles of the 2nd IM and suggestions on how to help someone transition into positive poles, both those who accept the teachings and those who don't."

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