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October 2015



ROLE: Scholar (emphasized all year)
CENTER: H. Moving (default to Moving) (emphasized all year)
GOAL: Submission (emphasized Jan - Mar)
MODE: Caution (emphasized Apr - Jun)
ATTITUDE: Stoic (emphasized Jul - Sep)
CHIEF FEATURES: Stubbornness/Greed (emphasized Oct - Dec)


OCTOBER marks the “official” shift of emphasis into the exploration of the Chief Features of the year. Stubbornness and Greed gain focus as the individuals and groups begin their reviews of the year, looking at what was accomplished, what was not, and how to prepare for a new cycle of effort and themes in the next year. Though the Chief Features have been in effect in some way all year, this period of time is when individuals or groups work to dismantle any patterns related to these Chief Features, or they entrench themselves further into the fears of these Chief Features.


Stubbornness is the fear of change, of the unknown, the unfamiliar, and surprises. As Stubbornness comes into focus, individuals and groups will look at how the year was navigated in terms of surprises, the unfamiliar, the unknown, the unexpected, and change, in general. For most of our students, Stubbornness would be showing up in quite personal ways, often in regard to intimacy, close relationships, and those in proximity. Our students have probably had to navigate turbulence, challenges, and changes within their immediate lives, relationships, and events, but have been fairly pleased with the changes happening “in the world,” even if those changes are coming with a great deal of resistance. The younger Soul Ages would be more focused on the resistances to changes happening on a larger scale.


For those who have had the most difficult time adapting and navigating changes during 2015 of any Soul Age, October will likely bring these patterns to resolution, or to a full-on confrontation that begins a path to resolution. That resolution will likely need or want to be in place before the new year begins.


Greed is the fear of lack, of not having enough, of limited resources and access. Greed tends to fixate upon that which is feared to be lacking. For our older soul students, Greed has shown up over 2015 in more subtle ways that reflect lack of emotional fulfillment, lack of fulfillment of ideals, lack of acceptance, growth, love, intimacy, etc. Our students have probably had to look at where they are falling short, where they have lived with presumptions and assumptions, have had to look at any sense of entitlements, laziness, expectations, and irresponsibility. These qualities may have been reflected back to you in so many words from others, or from poor results, or from failed expectations, or during inconveniences and impositions that disrupted your assumptions and presumptions that “things should just work out,” but they are likely not as glaring and as obvious as the more material and tangible fears of lack that the world may be reflecting. The younger souls in the world are working out their fears around the lack of tangible resources, territories, access, and goods. All of these are related, of course.


For those who have more obvious struggles with Stubbornness, the solution is ADAPTABILITY. You must evolve, you must draw from new sources, from old sources, and bring your flexibility into the picture so that you can move with the changes that are wanted and the changes that are not, and the changes that are small, and the changes that are big. An adaptability is a form of compromise, but a compromise is not a “dirty word.” It is an intelligent negotiation that considers all factors, both in terms of anticipated and unanticipated.


For those who have more obvious struggles with Greed, the solution is COMMUNICATION. In most cases of Greed, “communication” is presumed to be one-sided, and that this is expressed as demand or need. It is valid and real that there is often scarcity in resources, both in terms of the tangible and intangible. Sometimes your loved one simply cannot provide the emotional assurances you require or demand. Sometimes your land will not produce the foods necessary for comfortable survival. Scarcity is a part of the landscape of incarnation and physical lives, so it is a natural occurrence that must be navigated. It is not easy, but it can be navigated. When the fear of this scarcity is in effect, then the capacity for communication diminishes. By “communication” we refer to a bi-directional circuitry that is upheld so that one not only expresses one’s desires and needs, but one knows if and when and how these can be received from the sources that are accessible. If these needs are intangible, you must not only express your need and want for what it is you seek, but you must pay attention and listen and forgive when the source is not capable of providing that which you seek. If these needs are tangible, then communication is just as important, even if the source is the land for crops. You must “listen” to the land and what it needs as a means for it to help provide what you need and if it cannot, you must move on. The same is true of people. If you only demand in panic and fear, you may simply push away or diminish or strip your resources so that they cannot provide, even if they could have at one time.


Let us be clear that we are not speaking here in terms of desperation in survival and the cry for help. We are speaking in terms of when one has the capacity to choose, and the choice is for Greed.



October 09 - 11 -- ENERGY SHIFT - ENERGY SURGE - For many of our students, this energy shift may show up as a surge of energy that may bring anxiety, panic, worry, or it may bring with it enthusiasm, ideas, and excitement. Either way, it is a surge of energy that can be used and directed in whatever way works for you.


October 18 -- NEXUS - DIVERGENCE - A branching of Parallels begins here as the first waves that lead to various parallels related to shifts in power among countries.




COMPROMISE IS INTELLIGENCE - The capacity to compromise in ways that do not harm yourself or another, and benefit both yourself and others, is a form of intelligence, kindness, compassion, and even agape. Compromise does not have to be one-sided, but it will tend to be one-sided if one side wishes to take more than the other is willing or able to give, and sometimes that is going to happen, but if you have the capacity and choice, mutual benefit can prevail.


EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED - Surprises are a part of life. They will happen. They are a part of the dynamic of evolution, and evolution is change, and not all change can be anticipated. If you allow room for the unexpected, even when it is profoundly disappointing, it can help you to regain your footing to a point where you can ride that change. It is not always going to be easy, and even the most flexible of students may feel stretched to capacity, but that flexibility helps. Change is not always “good,” and it is not always pleasurable and is sometimes even in the directions that may be harmful, so you must do the work of steering your changes as best you can. Change may not bring with it everything that you desire, but fearing change is what will keep you from any benefits that would ever have been possible.

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