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Energy Report: DECEMBER 2015

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December 2015



ROLE: Scholar (emphasized all year)
CENTER: H. Moving (default to Moving) (emphasized all year)
GOAL: Submission (emphasized Jan - Mar)
MODE: Caution (emphasized Apr - Jun)
ATTITUDE: Stoic (emphasized Jul - Sep)
CHIEF FEATURES: Stubbornness/Greed (emphasized Oct - Dec)


DECEMBER launches further into the momentum of irritation that has been in effect since October, but shifts more toward anxiety, worry, distraction, or some version of distancing, disengagement, or even depression, all of which seem to be the side effect of one’s degree of distrust for the future. December is a pivotal month regarding “the future” and many of our students know this, either because of actual events and choices that are immediately in front of them, or because there is an intuitive sense that patterns have moved toward a turning point.


December, then, is all about “the future.” Though the perspective is on the future, it is a continuation of exploration of CHANGE in response or reaction to the heavy Stubbornness in place. The concern over “the future” may be more subconscious or even unconscious as there is more pressing considerations about changes to be made, or that have been made, or that need to be made, or that have been resisted. Some will be wishing that things would not change, while others would be eager for change, while others may be bracing for changes that they feel they are only affected by, but are not affecting.


Dreams may be quite insightful over December if one can sort the symbolic dreams out from the anxiety dreams. Anxiety dreams may be more prominent in December as the shift toward the new year draws closer. Anxiety can be the result of dread or from anticipation, but both will be related to the unknowns of 2016.


December will have many of our students looking at how to balance the importance of self-nurturing with the sense of self-preservation. Change that is anticipated as “good” can tend to bring out one’s self-nurturing, but change that is dreaded as “bad” can bring out one’s self-preservation. So as December unfolds, look closely to see if you are leaning toward nurture or preservation, and see if you can see why you anticipate or dread “the future.”


It is important to understand that “the future” does not exist as anything more than potential. However anticipated or dreaded, it simply does not exist. The future is perpetually in a state of potential, but will never exist because once it exists, it is no longer “the future.”


This is an important differentiation because one can be more conscious of how one is navigating the present in anticipation or dread of a future that does not exist. If the future only exists as a state of potential, it means your choices, actions, feelings, and thoughts matter all the way up to the moment that the future becomes your present. Your degree of control over the future will always fluctuate, but if you wish to be as much a participant of the creation of that future as possible, then you must consider your choices, actions, feelings, and thoughts that lay out the path in front of you toward the future.


On the most practical side, your conscious awareness NOW certainly helps you to navigate your path toward even the most unexpected of futures. On the more metaphysical side, your conscious awareness NOW does help align you toward future potentials that you prefer, even if not in form, then in function. In other words, even if when “the future” arrives it does not look the way you expected, the effects can still bring benefits that matter to you even more than the exact form. Our point being that, regardless of how much one dreads or anticipates the future, your participation NOW matters more in both the terms of how you navigate toward that future, and what that future holds for you.


If you are eager for the future, dreading it, unsure about it, hiding from it, resisting it, etc. it can be helpful to understand that the future is already here. What exists today, this moment, was once “the future,” and every time “the future” arrives it will be right now, today, this moment.


And what you do or do not do with this moment matters. This is why we focus on choice as your point of power. Your dreams are important. Your fears inform you. The future is potential. The past is your teacher. But your choice is your power.


Keep this in mind as you move through December and navigate toward the unknowns of 2016.


DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate):


December 18 -- ENERGY SHIFT - HIGHER MOVING SURGE - A day that may mark a “big change” for many of our students in subtle or obvious ways toward the momentum that will carry through 2016 on some level. A day that may bring some obvious insight into the momentum of 2016 for the planet.


December 25 - 28 -- NEXUS - DIVERGENCE - A branching of parallels between Anticipated and Dreaded versions of “the future.”




THE FUTURE IS NOW - You cannot control the future. You can only participate in the creation of it through choice, actions, and responses as you navigate toward it.


YOUR FEELINGS ARE NOT THE FUTURE - How you feel about the future is not the same thing as the future. How you feel only ever tells you how you feel about now. How you feel does not even inform you about the past. It is always about how you feel about NOW. How you feel now helps to create the future, and helps you to learn from the past. The more you own your feelings instead of letting them own you, the more they can inform you so that you can make your choices, actions, and responses with conscious awareness. Your feelings may not be the future, but they do help you to understand where you are in your relation to your ideas of the future.



2016 OVERLEAVES PREVIEW (subject to change)

ROLE: Server (emphasized all year)
CENTER: Moving (emphasized all year)
GOAL: Discrimination (emphasized Jan - Mar)
MODE: Caution (emphasized Apr - Jun)
ATTITUDE: Cynic (emphasized Jul - Sep)
CHIEF FEATURES: Self-destruction (emphasized Oct - Dec)

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