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Energy Report: JANUARY 2014

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January 2014



ROLE: Priest (emphasized all year)
CENTER: Intellectual (emphasized all year)
GOAL: Growth (emphasized Jan - Mar)
MODE: Passion (emphasized Apr - Jun)
ATTITUDE: Realist (emphasized Jul - Sep)
CHIEF FEATURES: Impatience (emphasized Oct - Dec)


JANUARY starts off rather flatly and unenthusiastically, even with the best of intentions, as the move out from under Self-Destruction energy of 2013 carries forward to deflate a great deal of the anticipated enthusiasm. Even those who “feel good” about 2014 may sense this flat energy. This will pass, of course, and would do well to not be seen as indicative of the mood for 2014. The weight of 2013 was heavy, even if not “bad.” It was simply a year of great effort in terms of sustaining personal space, personal strength, and clarifying one’s expression, form, and position in relationships, in the world. For many of our students, this sense of place was challenged on a regular basis over 2013, with a precarious line being walked between the successful Goal of Flow and the implosion of Self-destructive reactions that resisted any allowance of Flow, particularly in the arena of shared self-expression and giving form to representing yourself in the world.


The Self-Destruction wave of the last few months found its way into most of our students’ psyche, if not into their literal space, and this was most likely experienced as this sense of deflated or measured enthusiasm at best, and as recoiling anger and frustration at worst.


As the year came to a close, the Sage qualities of socializing, networking, expressing, communicating, combined with the Intellectual Center of the year that emphasized further the sensitivity of self-expression, came together for a final amplification to see what has worked and what has not worked.


A question for many of our students specific to the end of the year could be: Where did you find yourself in terms of personal expression and communication? If you found yourself angry, frustrated, and recoiling, you may have discovered you are more concerned with being heard and seen than with communicating. This is insight, not indictment. It is information that can serve you, and would do well not to be used against yourself, or against others. This insight means that all you have to do is own this need or want for being seen and heard. It is nothing to be ashamed of. It is nothing for which you must fight, or impose on others. You may also find that your standards for determining if you have been heard or seen are unfair, unspoken, and dependent upon agreement, not upon quality of exchange. You may have revealed that your expectation for being seen and heard is inappropriate to the context of exchange.


There are two ways to move forward with these realizations:


One is to consider that your need to be seen and heard may be reflective of intimate wounding that is not relevant to any current exchanges. This, then, becomes a matter of healing that you must do on your own, with the requested help of trusted healers, loved ones, friends who can be confided in for practice in returning to a sense of being heard and seen.


The other thing to consider is that the issues of not being seen or heard are more effectively addressed within realms of exchange relative to the intimacy you have with the person in the exchange. If your concerns with being seen and heard are brought into an exchange with a “stranger,” the healing that you desire for being seen and heard will most likely be lost to the fact that neither of you are in any position (yet) to understand the needs and wounding of one another.


What many of our students have come to realize is that a meaningful exchange, however heated or exemplifying of differences in perspective, IS a state of being seen and heard. The fact that another is expressing his or her own perspective, opinion, or position in response (or even in reaction) to your own is not a sign that they are not listening or seeing, but quite the contrary. Resolution of conflicting perspectives is not required for honoring perspectives. Halting communication, ignoring your differences and walking away from one another, or not making the effort to communicate at all is far more indicative of not being seen or heard, or being unwilling to see and hear, than any argument or debate implies.


Overall, 2013 may have helped many of our students come into a new sense of confidence for their perspectives, while also discovering the lack of threat in the dance among differences in perspectives. The dance of “me, and other me’s” has long ago been integrated when it comes to Soul Age, but in terms of Personalities, sometimes this is revisited as it was in 2013.


As 2014 opens up, the energy of the Priest and the continuation of the Intellectual Center would start to become more noticeable in the last couple of weeks of January. Sage and Priest can feel very similar in energy, because both wish to impart something of value and meaning to the world in some way, but whereas the Sage can be impartial and uninvested in what you choose to do with what has been imparted, the Priest is highly invested and quite distracted with monitoring just how much is being received and used appropriately. This is why 2013 may have seemed fairly “messy” in terms of social circles and communication, while 2014 would likely return to a much stricter sense of focus on the impact of what is being shared. This difference is the difference between the expression of wisdom vs the inspiration of wisdom. Expression of wisdom is a means of sharing who and where you are, while the Inspiration of wisdom is a means of invoking what you wish to become, and where you wish to go with that. Both the “messy” and the “strict” have their strengths and challenges, of course.


As January 18th comes, we would suspect that most of our students will begin to feel the sense of necessity for follow-through, investment, and focusing on potential again, rather than on giving form to what one already is. This might then see the return of enthusiasm and inspiration that is also reflective in the Goal of Growth for the year. The Intellectual Center will mean that there will remain a strong undercurrent of necessity for all of this to be communicated and shared, given form, but with a bit more emphasis on how this reveals who you are becoming, not necessarily where you have been.


Helpful thoughts over JANUARY might be:


As the month unfolds, the sense of reflection and introspection for where you have been, and where you are, and where you wish to go, both internally and externally, will continue to rise in your consideration for the year ahead. It will do you well to remember that you are a process, not a project. It would serve you even more to remember that this is true of others, as well. To honor your own process, as well as those of others, can bring great peace and enthusiasm to your relationships, both within and without.




January 06 - 08 -- NEXUS - Divergence - this Nexus appears themed in solidifying the set of parallels that will tend to be the core of the year ahead. Those that are not included in that set may be moving in quite different directions for “this one.” The sense of footing and focus may be found returning after the 8th, then.


January 31 -- ENERGY SHIFT - Intimacy themes - this is not a Nexus, but appears to be a shift of collective energy toward an emphasis on intimacy, closeness, and affection. On the two days before and after this date, our students may find themselves a bit “mooshy” and feeling pleasure as it relates to how one feels about the self, and/or about others.


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