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A Hard Rain


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A Hard Rain by Frye Gaillard would be a good read for anyone who came of age in the 1960’s. It would also be worthwhile if you want to learn how it felt to experience those years. 


In a future session I will ask Michael about incarnating when I did.


Here’s a bit from the author’s Preface:


There are many different ways to remember the 1960s, and this is mine. I have used interviews, journalistic accounts, and the work of other scholars and memoirists to add flesh to the bones of personal recollection. I have set out to capture in these pages—for those who lived it and wish to remember, and for those who didn’t but still want to know—the competing story arcs of tragedy and hope. There was in these years the sense of a steady unfolding of time, as if history were on a forced march, and the changes spread to every corner of our lives. As future generations debate the meaning (I also seek to do some of that here), I hope to offer a sense of how it felt. For me this is history of a personal kind, the story of a decade in which I came of age, and in which my professional aspirations took shape.






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I will look at this book - the 60/70 are a period I am fascinated with and often wish I had been born during that time. Iove the music of these decades. I suspect I have (a) concurrents of that time, but I need to validate that. Thank you for sharing!

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