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I've been jumping all over the place the last few months, researching anything and everything I could find relating to my question of "What happens next?"  

Suddenly, it was an all consuming urge to "know"


  • Hermeticism,
  • Kabbalah,
  • Jung's Red Book,
  • Blavatsky's Secret Doctrine,
  • Kundalini,
  • Tarot,
  • Astrology,


all these things and more I've researched, feeling like I'm just spinning my wheels, getting nowhere.  


Then the Michael teachings come back into the picture, after years of collecting dust in the far reaches of my mind, and now things have settled a little, I feel like I'm stabilizing, but only just, thanks to having my Essence/Personality profile channeled.


I've got this feeling that if I could make more definitive correlations, I'd be on the right track somehow.  In my gut I know there's a relation, but I'm either too close or too far away to decipher it. It's maddening. 


Specifically, I guess my first question is this:


Are the Kabbalistic Tree of Life and the diagram Troy shows in this post  at all related?  I couldn't find anything really on Gnosticism on the forums, but I feel the need to seek help in resolving this hurricane of info in my brain!


Attached the Tree of Life diagram for easier comparison



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added Tree of Life diagram
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Cheryl Varner

I have never seen this graph/ chart b4!  It is amazing!!  I need to print it out so I can read it better.... well, I guess it might help if I weren’t in my cell phone!


What is yr profile? In broad strokes??



Old 4 scholar-cast warrior

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Cheryl Varner

My daughter and guy friend are both mid to late mature artisans and Pisces.  When they first met they commented on what goes on in their heads as Pisces (artisans); controlled chaos they both said...hard for me to imagine!  But the potential for creativity..,to see and feel the many strands of energy.... must be amazing!


however, you/they could prolly say the same about someone who is a one channel soul for both role and casting... hard to imagine!


 It wasn’t until I found the M’s that I understood why I have trouble when I’m interrupted or how I can be blissfully lost in the details!! 


Both my loveable artisans are very creative in different ways....my son is a warrior cast priest mid mature... a very forceful and compassionate soul!


old warriors sometimes need some sage energy around them to bring some laughter and gaiety !!!


nice to meet you old sage!!  




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I'm always good for a laugh!! My first instinct in any situation that's super serious or heavy is to crack a joke. 


My internal monologue is going full steam ahead 24/7, never a quiet moment in my head! I've learned how to direct the chaos and stream it into productive (or approaching productive) flows. It's like a pin ball machine 😂

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@Scout -- I understand your impulses. I followed all leads on all types of spiritual topics until I found Michael. You're fortunate to have ready access to all kinds of materials via the internet: I had to dig through the small "Occult Topic" sections in the back of bookstores (hoping no one I knew would see me) to find the meager offerings that were available in print. And in fact that's where I found "Messages from Michael" one day: it was an "Occult Topic." lol 


I recognized Michael as my teacher and have had limited desire to explore other teachers since then except as a means to validate or invalidate what I get from Michael. Of course, that was nearly 20 years of researching various approaches before finding Michael, so maybe I was just ready to settle down then. I still read other books, but at this stage the author has about 1 chapter to prove to me that he/she is not a fraud or simply repackaging material I've already covered. 


The diagram you included possibly could be correlated to the 9 Pillars + Life Task. Why don't you try your hand at correlating them? There are a number of 9 Pillars reports posted by members here, so you can find what Michael typically includes in those reports to expand on the content you referenced. Attempting to correlate the two diagrams might help to validate or invalidate one or both of them. 


And by the way, the words used in your diagram remind me of wording used in "The Urantia Book." If you liked "The Secret Doctrine," you'd probably love "The Urantia Book." 😉 I found it too tinted by the religious beliefs of the sources and far too biblically worded to make much headway in it, but Michael has spoken of the book as having some truth: The Urantia Book

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John Roth

As far as  I can tell, there is no relationship. The Tree of Life is meant to represent the hierarchical relationships between the world (the lowest of the circles) and the Ultimate (whatever that is). The 9 Trues exist all at the same time and place. You might be able to find more of a correspondence between the Tree and the 7 Planes.


Most of what I know of the Tree comes from Golden Dawn style magic, where it's one of the fundamental symbols that also relates to the 22 cards of the Major Arcana in the Tarot.


This is about as far from basic Michael as it's possible to get and still be talking about the Occult.

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On 6/25/2019 at 10:38 AM, John Roth said:

As far as  I can tell, there is no relationship.


This is about as far from basic Michael as it's possible to get and still be talking about the Occult.

I respectfully disagree with you on this @John Roth


I've been listening to this series on gnosticteachings.org and I've seen amazing correlations between the MEntiy  information and the steps and processes explained throughout the Beginning Here and Now lecture series ! They aren't always clear cut connections, but I can't deny they do share similarities.


I highly recommend this lecture series, and the whole site really. I use Stitchr podcast app to listen. They also provide text transcripts if audio books aren't your thing !

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