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Brian - Realization


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DESCRIPTION:  We see your Platform Cycle as having an emphasis on REALIZATION, or the bringing into focus, form, and actuality that which is true and meaningful. Realizations tend to come was one accepts or stumbles upon the truth. This Platform Cycle is about letting go of the lies and the speculations and letting yourself see, feel, and know the truth. “The truth” here refers to the kindness of who you are, the love that is you, the authenticity that is you, the persistence that is you, the value that is you, the wonder that is you, the curiosity that is you, the desire and enthusiasm that is you, etc. It is about a Realization that is about celebration over condemnation.

INSIGHTS:  We think this Platform Cycle has come about because Essence is looking to bring to your attention a more evolved and improved way of assessing yourself, not by the past and not by the future, but by the moment. It is about catching those moments when you allow yourself to be loved, respected, cared for, and valued by you so that you can be a walking invitation to others to love, respect, care for, and value you. You have always tried to do this in the opposite way, but now you may begin to realize it works better from the inside, out.


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I like this Brian!! This feels right for you, to be done with condemnation, for once and for all. KEY PHRASE:  WHAT IF I REALIZE I LIKE MYSELF  ♥♥♥

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@Maureen Let's see how it goes. In many ways, I do see myself as condemned and boxed in a corner by circumstances, my outlook on life as a result of lessons learned from my attempts to experience and participate in life, and a general distaste for society and the general public. Were it not for the fact that everyone freaks out about my mental health and their solution is more (mostly useless) therapy or locking me up in a psych hospital (very ineffective and a waste of time, while making my life significantly worse off), or removing me from their lives and / or workplaces, I'd be openly questioning the purpose of my continued existence and level of participation in society. Having learned those lessons the hard way, I just keep to myself and do my thing.


I've been working on acceptance a lot the past year, along with a healthy dose of being realistic about myself and life, which might be part of my Platform last year of Progression. I can learn to like myself without needing to be social or seek out and engage in new platonic friendships.

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