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2019 Platform


When we share a Platform for a given period time, we are speaking about the higher perspective of patterns that are contributing to an intention of Essence.  It is much like looking at your life from above, from a “platform.” Often the Personality does not participate in, or contribute to, the Platform that Essence sees as interesting for exploration, and that is a valid choice; however, if Personality would like to manifest Essence and bring more consciousness into the patterns of a year, and into the awareness raised during important choice-making processes, having a general idea about the Platform can help.  Think of the Platform as the interests of Essence, regardless of what choices Personality may make.  The Platform is not intended to, and cannot, interfere with the choices made by Personality, and Essence will still collect a great deal of input for the Platform theme, even if Personality completely rejects the Platform theme.  If Personality chooses to be on board with the Platform of Essence, then the journey can often be even more interesting, fulfilling, and inspiring.

YOUR PLATFORM for 2019 - 2020:  HONESTY


We see your Platform Cycle as having an emphasis on exploring the levels of Honesty in your life. This would be in terms of relationships with others and within yourself, as well as honesty regarding your direction, your passions, your desires, your pleasures, etc. This honesty is an exploration of what you feel you can own about your life that matters to you.


We think this Platform has come up as a means for you to accept what matters to you rather than working around or delaying what matters to you. It is not that you have denied what matters to you, but that you may be ready for some honesty about what MORE there is that matters to you.





Last years platform of Magic was a bit cloudy and undefined for me. This years platform of Honesty is definitely something that I agree with.

I am still procrastinating and postponing things in my life. I could even say that I am not being honest with myself about what I want and what I need.

It is definitely a complet package, being in 2019, having the current life plan of reorientation and being in the middle of the 4th IM.

In my last session about resonant past lives, Michael mentioned this already, that there are always more layers to explore.


It feel it is a good sign that Personality and Essence agree on this platform. LOL.

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2 minutes ago, ClaireC said:

Bogi, I know what you mean about Personality and Essence being in agreement.  Very nice Platform! 💕


Thank you @ClaireC, this Platform points into a direction. Interestingly, when I was reading last week the 3rd chapter of the wholeness of soul course, I came across the word "authencity", and I started wondering that I am not being authentic, meaning " to accept what matters to you rather than working around or delaying what matters to you".


I understand Essences message. And I agree.

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