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Energy Report: JULY 2014

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July 2014



ROLE: Priest (emphasized all year)
CENTER: Intellectual (emphasized all year)
GOAL: Growth (emphasized Jan - Mar)
MODE: Passion (emphasized Apr - Jun)
ATTITUDE: Realist (emphasized Jul - Sep)
CHIEF FEATURES: Impatience (emphasized Oct - Dec)


JULY shifts the emphasis in the Overleaves of the year to the Attitude, now. The Attitude this year is REALIST.


In a Realist year, it is often a year where many face “reality.” Reality is often divided between what is real to yourself, and what is real to everyone. Some lean toward emphasis on only what is real to themselves, and others tend to lean toward what is real to everyone.


For example, if there is a railing lining a boardwalk, it is real to everyone. It just is. There is no one who will come to that boardwalk without that railing being a part of the reality. If they come to the boardwalk where there is no railing, they are in a different reality. There is a consistency in what is a shared reality that is not dependent upon beliefs, upon individuals, and upon expectations. It just is.


And then there is the individual reality that is based upon interpretation, experience, history, fears, expectations, beliefs, etc. So that very same railing that just “is” can also be offensive to some, and beautiful to others because of personal aesthetics. If two people bang into the railing, one will simply own his stumbling into it and move on, while another will be angry and blame the railing for being of poor design and in the way.


So that single object exists just as it is, and then it also exists as it is experienced and interpreted. That is the simplified range of “reality.”


For the Realist, it is an on-going practice to reconcile those two fairly distinct points within the range of reality. Most Realists will choose one over the other, particularly in younger Soul Ages, but in the older Soul Age, it becomes important to reconcile one's personal experience of reality with the reality, itself. And this is what is meant by the Poles that make up the Attitude of Realist, with its Positive Pole of Objectivity, and Negative Pole of Subjectivity.


As with all of our system, “negative” only describes a more limited, restricted end of the spectrum, while “positive” only describes a more expansive, inclusive end of the spectrum. When one is in Subjectivity, one can only interpret reality in term of what it means to himself. It does not matter what it means on its own, or to anyone else. When one is in Objectivity, the personal experience is allowed, but does not usurp or eclipse the validity of the independent reality or the reality of others’. If a Realist in the Positive Pole bangs into the railing, he will allow himself his reaction, note the personal reality of that experience that was probably painful, but also just note that it was a railing. He bumped into it. That is all that happened.


As July unfolds, many of our students will be shifting into this type of examination of their lives. What is “real?” Only your interpretation of events, experiences, and people? Only the independent existence of those things that prompt your experiences? Or both?


With July also carrying with it a fairly high “male energy,” or focused energy, even the highest of creative energy people will likely feel a shift in focus toward their projects, aspirations, directions, necessary choices that need to be made, and examining all of this in terms of Realism. What are independent objects of reality that one must navigate vs how one feels, thinks, and acts about those objects?


So as July unfolds, most of our students will likely move into this effort to reconcile the personal reality with that of independent reality. For most, we see this as coming as a kind of relief. This is because when one buries independent reality with personal reality, it can be quite weighty, overwhelming, daunting, and either painful, numbing, or distracting. It is not that one’s personal reality is inherently this way, but when one does not sift through what is projected and imposed so as to extract what

IS, then one can have a very difficult time gaining footing even in their own perspective through their own Attitude.


This is part of why there are yearly Overleaves, so that no singular Personality is “stuck” working only with his or her single set of tools. This means that Idealists can eventually sort through their idealism, as well as Stoics and Spiritualists, etc. And the Realists will have their years when they expand in their sense of possibility with the Spiritualist year, or look to improve upon things in the Idealist year, etc.




July 30 -- ENERGY SHIFT - REALITY CHECK - This looks to be a kind of check-in point where most students will be looking at how the sorting of their reality is going, letting go of what likely needs to be let go, and amping up focus on what is working and of interest to sustain as the reconciliation between personal and objective reality.


No Nexus in July




THE EXISTENCE OF A THING IS AS IMPORTANT AS MY EXPERIENCE OF A THING - When one is only concerned with what one experiences and has decided is true about a thing, the thing is no longer relevant. You have merely exploited a prompt for exploring only yourself. When one is only concerned with what is independently true of a thing, you begin to lose your perspective and default to something the equivalent of blind faith. Blind dismissal and dependency upon deferring to the mere existence of a thing begins to diminish the experience of reality, the self, and great beauty, joy, and play can be missed. You begin to be just another thing. So to allow one to have one’s experience of a thing while also acknowledging its independent existence allows for a range of reality that is full of life.

If you are experiencing the weight of reality, you probably need to look that the independent state of reality for clarity. If you are apathetic, numb, bored, uninterested, or distracting yourself, you may need to allow room for your experience of reality and to own it. Both of these things are “being realistic.”

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