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DESCRIPTION:  We see your Platform Cycle as having an emphasis on PERSISTENCE, or the willingness to continue forward even as you are uncertain of the outcome or intent. This is about Essence looking at those moments that you trust in yourself and care about continuing toward a vision because you know you can create from wherever you land, even if the land is unfamiliar.  This is not about increasing your persistence or improving it, but seeing how it works for you because you use it quite often.

INSIGHTS: We think this Platform has come up because it was simply time to do a closer examination of how you practice persistence as Personality. Essence is “thrilled” with how you have been using it, but is not entirely clear on the details of your process. Because Essence will be looking at this, you may find yourself more conscious of how often you persist when you could easily have been discouraged.




I had to leave the Platform Party early because I got word of my grandmother's passing. This Platform resonates. I will persist despite this. It feels like I have been persisting for quite some time. I am still here, still living this life.

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I'm so sorry about your loss, Rachel.  I know how close you are to your grandmother. 


This is a good Platform.  Persistence, yes, I know it well.  ♥️

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