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DESCRIPTION: We see your Platform Cycle as having an emphasis on COLLABORATION, or the coming together of individuals who share similar ideas, directed efforts, and desired results and seeing results come from this. This collaboration may be at a distance or in person and it may be about producing something tangible or something emotionally satisfying, but it would be all about how you work with others toward a shared desired result.

INSIGHT: We think this Platform has come up because of a desire by Essence to expand your social and emotional realm in ways that are more immediate and meaningful. It is about a part of you that would like to be a part of something that brings up a dance through inspiration and playfulness that may have been missing or reduced for some time.



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When I came back home, after travelling for quite some time, and had access to my own computer again, I went of course, also to the TLE website, and it starts with: This is TruthLoveEnergy, and there was the "word" COLLABORATIVE, this word sucked me kind of in, I stared at it and waited for it to come back, in the meanwhile contemplating, what it means to me, and then looking up what the Webster had to say about its definition, wondering why I was wondering!

Most of my life I found myself with people and situations, where there were no similar ideas, directed efforts, we still got results, and I always wondered how the outcome would be, and what different approach I would have to take, to have a "shared" desired result, how it would be, to work with kindred spirits. In my mind the outcome must have been grander, because so much more Energy/Beauty, could have been used for the project at hand, instead of dealing with so many Human made obstacles along the way.

It is clear to me today, that without all of those seemingly unnecessary experiences, I would have not arrived at the "all inclusiveness" of any given person, event etc.

The playfulness and inspiration that arises, the dance of all the energies available, and becoming a part of them, with all the ups and downs and finding joy and gratitude in solving them, and moving into knew realms of experiencing, even the same old samo, is quite enticing.

It needs not a big stage, if there is one thing, one person, one event, where this dream is becoming true and fully consciously experienced and perceived, well YES!

I am ready to play and flow and trust my Essence, what's coming my way.

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