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September 2014



ROLE: Priest (emphasized all year)
CENTER: Intellectual (emphasized all year)
GOAL: Growth (emphasized Jan - Mar)
MODE: Passion (emphasized Apr - Jun)
ATTITUDE: Realist (emphasized Jul - Sep)
CHIEF FEATURES: Impatience (emphasized Oct - Dec)


SEPTEMBER seems to help bring a balance to the extremes that have come this year with the Attitude of REALIST. This “season” of the Realist has been a rather rough one for most of our students. As you pass through September, try to keep in mind that the balanced Realist the ability to function in objective perspective even while subjectively experiencing. The Positive Pole of Objectivity includes your Subjectivity; it does not exclude your experience. The extremes that have been experienced by many of our students has been in the Subjectivity, which can show up as either overwhelming submersion into experience, or numbing, paralyzing distancing from one’s experiences. Many of you moved into the emphasis of this year’s Realist Attitude through the Negative Pole of Subjectivity, and may now begin to feel the Positive Pole come around. Objectivity helps to bring a better picture of experiences, but still allows for the experiences that are part of that picture.


As September continues, many of you will likely begin to focus on one or two quite specific areas or experiences with which to bring some Objectivity to your Subjectivity, helping bring some clarity, relief, and expansion to your perception.

Overall, September could be described as a wave of tentative relief and a chance to take a deep breath so that you may take a fresh look at events and experiences.


In the last week of September, many of you will begin to take on the wave of Chief Features for this year. Considering this year’s Chief Feature is Impatience, we would not doubt that many of you are already tapping into this as early as September 6th.



Sep 06 - 09 -- ENERGY SHIFT - Hyper Scattered - a sharp dip into creative energy may find several students feeling itchy, restless, agitated, and even literally shakey. With the hyper focus of male energy over the past month or so, this wave of scattered energy may come as a surprise, bringing with it clumsiness, anxiousness, eagerness, distraction, and irritability. We suggest that you harness this energy so that you may process it creatively and with benefit, otherwise, you may find yourself with outbursts and tingling, electrical-like short-circuiting throughout the body in ways that make it difficult to feel as if you are getting anything done or seeing clearly. So while relief may come this month for the weight of the Realist perspective, that lift of pressure may bring with it the energy that was held in as a way to stay focused and in control over the past few months. Either way, whether in bursts of reaction and agitation, or in bursts of creativity and imagination, that energy will burn off and level out.


NEXUS - No Nexus in September




CREATIVITY AND CHAOS ARE SISTERS - As you move through September, you may begin to feel this surge of creativity and/or chaos begin to take more of your attention in your days. It is up to you whether this is creativity or chaos. To help you harness this energy into creativity, we can suggest that you get out, walk, move, dance, exercise. This brings grounding and order to the chaos that is at the heart of creativity. If you feel chaos is at the center of your experience, then you can help alter this by using your creativity.

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