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Lori ~ Grounding

Lori Abrams

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DESCRIPTION:  We see your 2019 - 2020 Platform as having a theme in GROUNDING. By this we mean that there would be an emphasis on all of the various ways in which you can reconnect to Earth, the loved ones, to friends, to your passion, to your vision, to your future, and even your past.

PATTERN: We think this Platform would show up as a pattern that prompts you to slow down, to step back, to reach out, to reach back, to ask questions, to be receptive to insight, and to diminish defenses and choose closeness over distance.

INSIGHT: We think this Platform has come out of a period of time where the experience of isolation, distancing, and conflicts seemed to reach a breaking point. You and your Essence are looking for ways to either navigate this more confidently or to heal any unnecessary effects from past experiences.


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This was validating for me, as I (or we) have been moving towards this since the early months of the new year.  It feels new and quite refreshing to be moving out of the isolation and distancing just by changing my perspectives on beliefs I was holding onto, mightily in some cases.  Lots of introspection on my part, so I am glad I'm back to that, doing the work needed to bust through.  I feel like a new release on the many issues, especially surrounding deep seated family issues that had been arising, it appears like decades of it.  Those are on the mend too.  It's like coming out to the Sunshine after many years of stormy weather.  Sunshine feels great.


Sticking up for oneself can be an easy thing to do, but not when others can't see how they are trampling your boundaries and dismissing your feelings.  I had to take drastic measures.   I am seen now.  🙂


Thank You to Troy and Michael for this special incite.  When I get a channeling, it always feel like the best present is about to be opened.  😄

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