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Energy Report: OCTOBER 2014

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October 2014



ROLE: Priest (emphasized all year)
CENTER: Intellectual (emphasized all year)
GOAL: Growth (emphasized Jan - Mar)
MODE: Passion (emphasized Apr - Jun)
ATTITUDE: Realist (emphasized Jul - Sep)
CHIEF FEATURES: Impatience (emphasized Oct - Dec)


OCTOBER brings with it a move into emphasis on Impatience, the collective Chief Negative Feature for the year. For most, this is going to come in the form of emphasis on the past. For some, this will be a wave of nostalgia and a look at the past in comparison to the present. For others, it will likely be a matter of explosive release of wounding from the past that has not had a chance to come to the surface in some time. In either case, it would arise from a fear of time passing, of not being able to control where one is in time, and fearing that life is passing by too quickly.


Though Impatience may be part of the prompt for nostalgia, this response is the healthier of the responses as it is a look to the past for recognition of the healing that has come from the passing of time. There may be some longing for the past, and some grieving, but if nostalgia stays intact, the healing is recognized.


The more explosive or reactionary defenses would arise from wounding that the individual still feels someone else is responsible, with Impatience bringing out the desperation for attention and plea for help. Impatience is partnered with Martyrdom, so we would not be surprised if some students feel the pang of victimization as the month unfolds, particularly if any issues of controlling space come to be involved along with controlling time.


For some, both the explosive and the nostalgic may be in the patterns over the next several weeks.


In any case, if our students allow for Impatience to simply prompt them to recognize time as a resource for organizing experiences, then the reactions to nostalgia and wounding can be softened. Rather than longing for the past, the past is seen as being rightfully in its place as a part of one’s history, evolution, and healing. Rather than demanding or exploiting an explosive scenario of old wounds, take pause and let the experience settle back into the body in a way that can make some sense, find order, and move into a pattern of release that can bring healing.


As October continues, so will the wave of intolerance and audacity that makes up the spectrum of Impatience. One way to counter Impatience is to practice listening to one’s quieter impulses, rather than one’s loud and demanding compulsions. Impulses help lead one in directions of Essence, while compulsions lead one in directions of defense. The quieter the impulse, the more likely it can lead one away from reactionary positions of defense.


As October shifts into November, the extremes between intolerance and audacity will likely become more pronounced and move into higher profile incidences. Over the year, this has already been in place as power plays amplify between Mature and Baby/Young Souls. We expect there will be plenty more of this in the weeks ahead.




Oct 03 - 05 -- ENERGY SHIFT - Nostalgia Wave - the past begins to come up for examination by some students as they consider the passing of time and decide if there has come to be any healing effects.


Oct 10 - 13 -- ENERGY SHIFT - Wounding Wave - the past comes up for examination by some students as they consider that someone else may be to blame for their wounding, and this may generate an explosive round of attention to these wounds.

Oct 28 - 31 -- NEXUS - Divergence - permanently-wounded aspects of the self that refuse to allow for healing take on their own direction, potentially freeing November for a bit of relief.




QUIET OVER RIOT - As you move through October and into November, keep in mind that quiet calm in response to panic, worry, and impatience almost always trumps reactionary rioting that only serves to escalate the very wounding that one wishes to heal. If you have a choice, it is helpful to choose calm.

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