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Katja - Intimacy


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YOUR PLATFORM for 2019 - 2020:  INTIMACY

DESCRIPTION:  We see your Platform as having an emphasis on INTIMACY, or an exploration of your willingness and your needs for intimacy. This is all about your Essence taking a closer look at your experiences around intimacy so as to better understand what you have and what you still need. This is not about you improving or increasing your intimacy so much as it is about seeing more closely how you experience it.

INSIGHTS: We think this Platform has come up because there are Agreements pending over the next 3 to 5 years that will require quite intense and beautiful intimacy and this is Essence’s way of helping to prepare for that.


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Essence’s way of helping to prepare for that.........LOVE this comment from the Michaels....so beautiful that we help ourselves to navigate this life....after understanding these mechanisms (through the Michaels) I now trust when I get pulled mentally, emotionally, even physically to some extent in a direction that might not make sense to my 3 D self but I know it makes sense to my Essence...I know it is preparing me for what is to come.....hey it sounds beautiful these agreements you have coming to you...Enjoy 🥰

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