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Energy Report: NOVEMBER 2014

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November 2014



ROLE: Priest (emphasized all year)
CENTER: Intellectual (emphasized all year)
GOAL: Growth (emphasized Jan - Mar)
MODE: Passion (emphasized Apr - Jun)
ATTITUDE: Realist (emphasized Jul - Sep)
CHIEF FEATURES: Impatience (emphasized Oct - Dec)


NOVEMBER brings with it a continued emphasis on Impatience, the collective Chief Feature for the year. Short tempers, short circuits, short on patience, short on tolerance, and high on agitation, frustration, and even anger, our students may likely find November to be less of relief than we had expected.

Within the final two weeks of October, many were reeling from the Energy Shift and the Nexus of October:

Oct 10 - 13 -- ENERGY SHIFT - Wounding - the past comes up for examination by some students as they consider that someone else may be to blame for their wounding, and this may generate an explosive round of attention to these wounds.
Oct 28 - 31 -- NEXUS - Divergence - permanently-wounded aspects of the self that refuse to allow for healing take on their own direction, potentially freeing November for a bit of relief.

These effects have now come into play and are now the direction for how November and December will likely be themed. Though “we” and “you” will be in all variations of parallels after a Nexus, “this” parallel has come to be on the emphasis of the wounding, and not the relief.


Many of our students will likely find themselves dealing with some form of physical struggle in terms of health, electronics, machinery, material stability, mistakes with profound consequences, or being in close proximity to those who are struggling with these things. Impatience is rising quickly among the masses in a way that is revealing decades of stresses on the system, both in a most-personal sense and in a social, political, economic, environmental, collective sense. We expect November through January to be “quite a ride” for Humanity.


This is not shared to be ominous or “negative,” but shared in the same way that a stretch of road might warn that there are “sharp curves ahead.” Those curves are not inherently bad, nor dangerous. How one navigates these makes the difference, and knowing these are ahead, or present, makes a world of difference.

Many of you chose to lock into the patterns of Impatience because you are “fed up with” patterns that you have ignored, or that the collective has ignored, and a great deal of this is coming up for examination over the next few months. These patterns reflect the part of you, or the part of the collective, that is “sick to death” of this or that. These patterns are often easy to ignore, glide through, or endure to some great extent for great lengths of time, but with Impatience in effect, they are emphasized like nails on a chalkboard. As Impatience is a matter of controlling Time, many will feel the pressure to deal with these things NOW, even if these are manifested in ways that seem out of control, using the partner of Impatience, which is Martyrdom. This is why the material world of health, stability, machines, finances, etc. may come into play because Impatience tends to trigger Martyrdom in a way that says, “if you do not do this now, faster, sooner, yesterday, you can die!” We are not being absurd or dramatic in our portrayal of how Impatience takes its toll.

On the more positive angle of this, it is important to note that if you are in any way experiencing the effects of this, it is because you are done with a large section of patterning in your life that not only does not serve you, but has served to hurt you. You are done. You have had enough. You are ready for a transformation.
Knowing this, it can be helpful to own this, and to let go of the Impatience that is pushing you. Any transformation you make has its own inherent pace. It cannot be forced, nor made to be faster or put in place retroactively. Take solace in the fact that you are dealing with it now; that you are owning it; that you are embracing a part of you that has long been affected by subtle or obvious factors in the life. It is vital that you nurture a peaceful pace around your efforts and struggles, and not panic (unless you choose to do so).

“Curves” may be in the road right now, but you can navigate these at the pace that brings the greatest sense of trust and calm.


Nov 01 - 05 -- ENERGY SHIFT - ANXIOUSNESS - Anxiousness is a sign that one is slipping in one’s capacity to trust something, particularly when one does not have a full sense of control, information, or comfort regarding it. We suggest that each of you remind yourselves that “curves” in the road are naturally difficult to see beyond, and that the key is in focusing on what you can focus on at the moment. Worrying about what is around the curve can make it more dangerous and risky to take the curve. Watch the road and bring care to your moment. You will make it around the curve.

Nov 19 - 21 -- ENERGY SHIFT - RELEASE - for many of our students, a process of release may come into effect over these days. This may be experienced as loss, or as relief, but if you find yourself experiencing the release of something or someone, it can be helpful to remember that it is okay. That you are okay. That everything is okay. We do not mean this in the delusional sense of dismissing the consequences, but in the sense that you have the capacity to make the most of those consequences.

Nov 26 -- NEXUS - CONVERGENCE - a return of parts of the self who are willing to do the work of healing, bringing a wave of gratitude, appreciation, and comfort that can help to bring anticipated relief and sense of confidence and trust again.



CURVES ARE NOT CHAOS - As you move through November, remember that not knowing what is ahead, what is around the corner, around the curve of life, is not a bad thing. It is a natural thing. One can only know so much, and one can only control so much. Your adaptability, creativity, trust, and patience are far more accessible and steady than any means of anticipating the future. When life brings such curves into the road of life, it is an opportunity for a mindfulness, or another level of mindfulness, that is ready to be sustained.

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