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Wondering if there is a Nexus Divergence this weekend. Two mass shootings in the US in less than 24 hours. Could this be a divergence point for the nation to choose to acknowledge white supremacy and enact gun control? 

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ENERGY REPORT July 2019   2019 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Artisan (emphasized all year) CENTER: Moving (emphasized all year) GOAL: Flow → Acceptance/Discrimination (emphasized Jan

I think we are all just carrying a shit-ton of pressure and anxiety over the state of the world, society, and politics and because so many of us have so few ways to effectively channel that energy int

It looks like a few of us noticed yesterday that the channeling Troy did on the Chief Feature of Self Destruction applies not only to individuals that have this as their own CFs but applies to all of

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I was hoping for a convergence with a more advanced parallel, but the idea that maybe these assholes could diverge from this parallel is also intriguing. Either will do.

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Me: This week I'm not going to let the turmoil of the world get to me and cause me to become angry and zealous. I'm going to maintain my center of +Compassion, and respond to triggers with patience, understanding, and invitation. 


Also me:



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On 8/1/2019 at 3:10 AM, Nadine said:

Anyone else feeling agitated? I'm wondering if it's just me or if we're starting the third month in a row with an Energy Shift of Agitation... 


I thought it might have been just me but yes, I felt agitated and was generally in a foul mood throughout the last few days of July. This led to exhaustion as well. The day you posted this message, I woke up feeling refreshed like there had been a shift. I felt a good flow of energy that day and felt I had returned to a state of calm. Since then, I have been feeling waves of calm and waves of agitation again. I think it is increasingly challenging to be in the positive poles and keep up with the optimism these days.


In terms of dreams, within the past few days, I did have a dream where it was nighttime and there was a growing forest fire nearby. The people in my dream seemed to not be very concerned yet the fire was moving closer to the highway I live nearby. This eventually led to what I remembered being a long wall of fire that extended across the other side of the highway. That fire appeared to be engulfing everything. At this point, I thought I should gather my animal companions and prepare to evacuate. Still it seemed the other people around me had little concern as to what was going on nearest I could tell. We did have a significant and nearby forest fire in my area recently but it was not of the same magnitude as what I saw in this dream.

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I had a couple of dreams - one was nice, and I think really was happening on the astral, the other was just ROFL.


First dream: I and a whole bunch of other people were in some Indian restaurant in North Berkeley (where I lived in the 80's, and always loved the neighborhood). We were milling around with bowls of curry and helpings of naan and Kamala Harris was right there in the restaurant, sitting at a table with her husband. We would come up and talk to her one by one and she listened intently and kept taking notes. We were also quietly talking amongst ourselves. I like to think that a whole bunch of us met with Kamala on the astral and talked to her about what she would do as President! 🤩


Second dream: There was a TV miniseries on the Civil War. All well and good, but you know who was cast as James Buchanan? TELLY SAVALAS, that's right, Kojak! When Telly as James started sucking on a lollipop (one of his trademark Kojak gestures) I said to myself, "This is ridiculous! This is corny! I want out of this dream!" and I woke myself up, so I guess it was semi-lucid, but ROFL. Kojak in a historical epic!


@CurvyWords , from one Priest to another - it can be soooo hard to stay in the positive pole when someone else is being Oh So Very Wrong! And not just wrong, hurtful!  Good on you for staying centered and compassionate. I have a dear friend (not sure what her role is - Server or Warrior is my guess) who is an El Paso native and still has family there (they are safe), and she said she wanted to throw things at the TV when she heard Governor Abbott talk about "thoughts and prayers." 


I, too, can't wait for the August energy report!

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