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Why would old souls be tired?

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So there is this concept that gets mentioned regularly, that old souls can feel heavy and weary. (I have understood it is not referred to simply as old souls feeling tired because of living in a younger soul world.)
I have started wondering how that is possible in the light of other information Michael has given of how incarnation works. If our multiple personalities are "one-offs" (apart from their multiple different versions) and not a continuation of the previous ones nor going to be re-born with different characteristics and different body in the next incarnation, but continue on in the astral "city of personalities"... Why would we feel the weight of so much history? We would only feel this history through Essence, not personality, and Essence, as far as i can tell, is pretty damn hyped to be alive and hardly tired at all.
Can someone explain?

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Sam K

As I understand it (and I make no claim of being correct), your current Personality does carry on in the Astral... and the next Personality is also a continuation of the "previous" one.  "You" experience both, in the same way that you simultaneously experience multiple parallels of yourself.   Some aspects of you are new and fresh in each lifetime, some aspects have been on one continuous road for hundreds of lifetimes, and some don't perceive time or sequence in that way at all.


The interplay of these different facets of "you" can affect whether you perceive yourself as spiritually "fresh" or "tired."

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(@Connor did you mean to erase your response or was it by accident somehow, as i can see an alert for it (and the response itself) in my email but not here? If it was an accident i can send you the text for re-posting if you need.)

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@Miizle Whoops, looks like I erased it. I was about to go to bed and only partially awake. No need for the text, though, I remember what I said.

Feeling heaviness and weariness is likely a result of being disconnected from Essence, and plenty of Old Souls are disconnected from Essence. Every Old Soul has to remember their Old Soulness, over and over again, in each new lifetime, because we are always born with a 1st Level Infant awareness and it is up to us to work past that. Many Old Souls do not complete the work of remembering themselves. So existential weariness, feeling weighed down by the world, is likely a result of drawing unpleasant conclusions about the current life, and not about any kind of connection with other lives across time. Truly connecting with other lives across time, I agree, would be a wonderful and fascinating experience.

It is also worth noting that no matter how much fun Essence is having, Personality is still the one who has to live the life, and Personality is free to be as weary and tired as it wants. Essence has no real sense of danger, after all. Essence can never be hurt. Many Older Souled Personalities, though, can much more easily see the tragic distance between Humanity and Humanity's potential. Living in a Young Souled paradigm brings persecution and oppression into many of our lives, and who wouldn't be weary of that? I guess the point I'm trying to make is that being an Old Soul does not automatically mean being world-weary as a result of having lived so many lives, nor is world-weariness uniquely an Old Soul thing.

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And I found this in MMW - The Health of Your Moving Center



It is important to note that older souls, and in particular Old Souls, have the greatest challenges with the Moving Center, even if Moving Centered or using the Moving Part.

This is because the Moving Center tends to accumulate understanding about its nature and function only from actual action and movement, but as your Essence and Personalities move into more philosophical states of existence during lifetimes, the Moving Center is explored in its more subtle and expanded terms.


The Moving Center does not merely manage movement and action, but all of your processing and movement of energy and resources, both tangible and intangible, obvious and subtle.


The Old Soul does not tend to move away from immersion in the Physical Plane because she is "tired," but the Personality experiences this "being tired" because it is learning how to manage energy differently.


When it was merely an equation of cause and effect, of physics, it was "easy."


Hit the ball. Ball moves.


But now you must be responsible, not only for the final form and action, but for the energy that fueled the action into form.

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I think another reason Old Souls are tired is because they care about the bigger picture that even they cannot comprehend.

The lesson of the Old Soul is TO CARE, not because they do not care, but because they care a whole lot and are trying to reconcile the simplicity of caring and living meaningfully with the complexity and vastness of literally everything.

How do you care about a world that is eternal? About a world that is huge? About a world that will always survive? About a world that cannot always see or feel that care? About a world that could see more but does not? About a world that chooses unacceptable behaviors? About things others will never care for, nor want to? About simple things that seem to be fleeting? About a world that is always changing?


That's not a simple question, nor is it a simple process. It hurts. It's hard. It sometimes sucks and is a total inconvenience.

When I get tired it's because I've forgotten to include myself in the equation of my life. Or I've forgotten to participate in and create my and our reality. I've essentially resigned to saying "Who cares? If they don't then I don't matter anyways." when I could be saying "I care!" and "They/we care about someone/thing too."

I usually feel inspired when I realize that I do not exist in a dead world, I exist in a profoundly and magically alive one in which everything can be a teacher and opportunity and adventure and art and relationship etc.

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If I should explain to myself why I feel many times tired, not even necessarily in the phyisical sense, I would explain it very simply.


Assume, being a Young Soul means being young. Like you are young in life. You do not really have a past (or you just do not remember it), you cannot mesure up the future because you do not really have experience with it (or you just do not remember it). You are in the present, taking one step at a time.

Being old to me means that you have been climbing up a big mountain. You feel the road in your bones (the past), and if you think to the road ahead of you (the future), it is wearing you down because you now have experience, you know, what it takes. 


Sometimes when I think of things, many times I am discouraged just by thinking of many things have to considered. Okay, I am doing this, but what will be the consequence to me, to others, to the world? Should I or should I not? etc.

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