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Energy Report: DECEMBER 2014

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December 2014



ROLE: Priest (emphasized all year)
CENTER: Intellectual (emphasized all year)
GOAL: Growth (emphasized Jan - Mar)
MODE: Passion (emphasized Apr - Jun)
ATTITUDE: Realist (emphasized Jul - Sep)
CHIEF FEATURES: Impatience (emphasized Oct - Dec)


DECEMBER finally comes with some relief from Impatience, the collective Chief Feature for the year, not because the emphasis on Impatience fades, but because of a shift into a more positive direction for how to deal with Impatience. 

For many, there has been a fall into Intolerance for the past couple of months, the negative pole of Impatience. Intolerance is the unwillingness to accept views, beliefs, or behavior that differ from one's own. In the context of Impatience, which is the fear of losing control of time, Intolerance shows up as agitation, anxiousness, dismissal, and combativeness against anything that seems to hold one back from a sense of progress. Impatience, like Martyrdom, emphasizes blame, so there is always “something else” that tends to be the reason for personal lack of progress. As older souls, that “something else” can be very close to home, so to speak, in that it may be your own history, conditions, health, a relationship, some part of the self, but it Impatience protects you from the truth of your having any part in the equation. This is not to say that the blocking of progress can be completely altered by owning one’s part in the equation, but that the fear around the blocked progress can be changed, and then clearer and wider range of choice can return. Sometimes progress is blocked or held up. That is part of the nature of sharing a world with others, and part of the nature of a self with so many nuances and facets. As with all of our Chief Features, that which is feared is that which is natural and cannot be avoided. Shifting away from fear is not a guarantee that what was feared will now be transformed, but it is a guarantee that your participation or experience will be transformed.

Many of our students will now be aiming for Audacity, the positive pole of Impatience. Again, as with all of the Chief Features, there is never anything truly “positive” when still using a Chief Feature, but it is relatively positive compared to Intolerance. Intolerance is a locking into a position and holding fast to that position, which is often contrary to any sense of progress. Audacity is the blind leap forward into risk as a means to break out of the anchoring felt by Intolerance. Audacity is “positive” here because, at least one is making an effort to return to participation rather than being entrenched in blame. Once one has made that leap into risk, there can be a clearing of the head and heart, and then a step out of Impatience altogether.

As November unfolded, more and more people started to shift into this Audacity. Stepping up and out of blame, leaping into risk, and hoping for some clarity and progress. This will continue over December.


What this means for our students is that there may be a sense of calm returning, along with an ownership of any participation necessary for you to feel and see some progress without pressure. Impatience is born from the emphasis on pressure as a medium for progress, whereas when fear is not involved, progress comes as a result of participation, not pressure. Pressure is sometimes necessary, and it is an important part of the push for progress, but when it is motivated from fear, rather than participation, then it is simply defense and locks everyone where they are.


So as December brings about a sense of relief from the pressures of Impatience, it is only through your presence and participation that your sense of clarity and progress might return.




Dec 01 - 07 -- ENERGY SHIFT - Decompression - relief does not always come in a way that seems pleasant. Sometimes it comes as a sense of depression, as a surrender to a confusing need for rest and distancing from the demands of life. The first week of December may bring this for many of our students. If you find that you are feeling down, distant, and not quite enthusiastic, with a confusing, vague sense of depression, you may actually be “decompressing.” This is a process of releasing all of the pressure built up in defense over a period of time, consciously or subconsciously, and that defense is no longer necessary.


Dec 11 - 13 -- NEXUS - Convergence - over the past couple of months, parallels have shifted in a way that focused greatly on any permanent wounding that needed to be addressed, both personally and in the world. This convergence returns these parallels back “into the fold” of a greater range of parallels again since the wounding has been brought to the surface and can now be healed. It will continue to take time and effort for healing anything emphasized over the past two months, or over the past year, but a greater range of creative solutions and resources might begin to emerge in more cohesive and effective ways, both personally and socially.




CHOICE IS CREATIVITY - If one has choice, one has creativity. If one has creativity, one has choice. When you feel you have little choice, use creativity. When you feel you have little creativity, use choice. As long as there is no one, including yourself, actively taking away your choice or creativity, you can move forward at some pace that brings fulfilling change at a pace that is best for you.


PRESENCE AND PARTICIPATION TRUMP PRESSURE - Putting pressure on yourself or others to fulfill progress is sometimes useful, but only if it is motivated by presence and participation. If it is motivated only by fear and blame, it actually contributes to the anchoring in time against progress. Keep this in mind for anything you wish to move forward in your life, be it a personal goal or a social change. Presence and Participation are other words for “be the change you wish to see,” so to speak. They are terms to remind you to move away from blame and into effectiveness. They are terms to remind you to move away from deadlines to being alive for the process.

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