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An interesting occurence

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My mind is inquiring by nature.  Always needing to learn things, understand things, through firsthand experience.  I've always resisted saying 'yes' or 'no', ghosts are real.  And today is no different.  I've tended to take 'ghost stories' with a heaping spoonful of salt, sure they could be real, at least a kernel of the story may be true.  But what else could explain those stories?  Was it the mind playing tricks?  Was it something easily explainable caused by something unknown to the experiencer?


I work nights, 10pm to 6am. Forty hours a week.  Work takes place in a group home for adults with disabilities.  I'm reasonably new to the night shift, having done it for most of this year.  Ghost stories from my coworkers that worked nights were always met with some heavy skepticism and gentle ribbing from me, even a prank or two 😉.  Nights in the home are pretty quiet.  The people here are like a family to me, I know them all very well.  One night last week, probably around 4am or so, I was doing my regular checks on everyone.  I was the only staff on shift, and all the residents had been sound asleep all night.  I was in front of the bedroom door of one of the gentlemen that lives here, and I was completely caught off guard when I heard what was very clearly a woman's voice.  It was soft and gentle.  There was an innocence about it, almost child like, but clearly an adult voice.  I couldn't understand anything the voice said, it sounded like it was just a quick phrase.  Three women also live in the home, they're all verbal and have very distinct voices that I know well.  What I heard was definitely not one of their voices.  I had just checked and they were all sleeping.  The neighborhood the group home is in is a little on the rough side.  There are a lot of transients in the area.  I quickly checked all the doors and windows to make sure nobody had come in.  Everything was locked and shut, totally battened down, just as I had left it at 10pm. 


I have no idea what I heard that night.  But I know that I heard something.  I'm of totally sound mind and have never had a history of auditory hallucinations.  I don't "get the jitters" walking around at night in the dark.  No mind tricks.  One of the women that lives here is around my age.  Psychologically she's around the capacity of a toddler.  She likes talking an awful lot about this "friend" of hers that she only sees at night, sometimes even getting upset and taking staff to her room to "show us" her friend--she points to a crack in the drywall in her closet every single time.  A lot of the other staff in the home think she's talking about ghosts, I always gave the simple reply "she has seizures regularly and psychiatric issues, nothing inexplicable there".  I'm not so sure of my assumptions anymore.

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