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Michael Speaks: August 2006

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Energy Report & Open Floor


[Michael Entity] 

As requested, we will begin with what is known as an "energy report," which is our perspective and interpretation of how energy is moving about within the collective consciousness of the Human Species within a given period of time, and its potential effects upon events, groups, and individuals. If there is difficulty comprehending how the collective consciousness can be measured, observed, and have effect, simply consider this on a smaller scale, such as the “mood” of a roomful of people and how that may change or effect those within that room: how the collective behaves, thinks, expects, feels, expresses, chooses, etc., can have measured, observable effects upon all involved within that system (room). The same observation and interpretation of effect can also be applied on a level of household, town, city, country, continent, and planet. That we can observe this phenomenon on the large scales is merely a matter of position and perspective.


This report is not predictive beyond the same type of observations you may have of weather patterns within your physical system. We can observe the momentum of collective energy and gauge its basic patterns, but there is little prediction beyond what is obvious to us, in the same way that your weather men/women may see the patterns of heat, wind, moisture, pressures, and relay that to you, but with limitations as to exactly how those combinations may manifest. In the same way that one could gauge the potential “weather” or mood of a gathering by observing the contributions of all involved, so can this be done on a larger scale.


With that in mind, we can say that August's energy might be described as ESCALATION.


Any given range of Time can be interpreted through the Overleaves system to help describe the basic energies of that range of time, and this interpretation is based upon where the collective consciousness appears to be moving within that time range. It is usually asked of us that each of your years be described in this fashion, and we can then share a Goal, Mode, Attitude, and Chief Feature for the year to help describe your seasons, while Centering and Role describes the general backdrop of the entire year.


July through September brings up the emphasis of the ATTITUDE for that year. In this case, we have interpreted this year's collective Attitude as SPIRITUALIST. When the emphasis is on the Attitude, this means the core of ones values, beliefs, perspectives, and basic interpretations of life come into exploration. On a global level, one can see the emphasis is clearly focused through the Spiritualist Attitude, with the range extending between the positive pole of Potential and and the negative pole of Beliefs.


The Spiritualist Attitude is based in the philosophy of POSSIBILITIES and POTENTIAL, while also recognizing valid limitations or restrictions; in other words, the Spiritualist is able to see the “Body” and the “Spirit.” When the Spiritualist is in the Positive Pole, the fragment can freely examine the range of possibilities and potential, including the anticipation of unexpected or unwanted results, along with the desired or expected results. When the Spiritualist is in the Negative Pole, there is a retaliation against EXPERIENCE and limitation, and one moves into the Negative Pole of BELIEF, which is a tunnel-vision of sorts, demanding that reality shape itself around what is wanted or expected, and enforcing those beliefs, even as they contradict reality, experience, or limitations.


In your world, currently, one can see that your species is divided within the emphasis of the Spiritualist Attitude. Some can clearly see what is working and what is not, but, unfortunately, those who cannot seem to move beyond their BELIEFS are the ones generating and sustaining the wars you see manifesting, and in this month, Escalating.


As one can see the pain and difficulties this negative pole can cause on a global level, one can also see how this could cause pain and difficulty within the individual life, particularly for those with the Spiritualist Attitude as part of the Overleaves. When the emphasis shifts from Potential to that of only being concerned with enforcing the expected results of one Belief, then the pain begins; the restrictions and difficulties and battles begin.


What this means for all of you extant within the physical plane at this time, in general, in terms of this Energy Report, is that August appears to be a time for examining what you are forcing within your life, vs what you are inviting into your life. This means examining how your sense of Potential actually Escalates your Potential and Possibilities, and/or how your Beliefs may contribute to the Escalation of personal wars, struggles, and pain.


There are many aspects of ones life that require the participation of other fragments, or require one to draw upon unseen aspects of the self and soul, and this can lead one to feel a loss of control or ineffectiveness, either resulting in depression (removal of others and self from the equation) or an over-control of others and self, leading to evermore difficulties.


As August progresses, the Spiritualist energy will most likely find its footing in your reality, regardless of your Overleaves, and an Escalation of where you try to CONTROL with your Beliefs vs INVITE Potential, will be emphasized. This Escalation will most likely be able to be seen globally, as well as personally.


There appear to be no Nexus points within August, so the month's energy will remain fairly stable, allowing for a very clear examination of where one tends to try to Control with ones Beliefs, and where one tends to Invite through the recognition of the spectrum of Potential. A fragment can know when he or she is trying to Control through Beliefs when he or she is constantly "disappointed,” or when he or she feels "hurt,” or when he or she feels defensive or unwanted, etc. This is direct result of the indulgence in Belief, over the recognition of the spectrum of Potential and Possibility.


The solution to all of these disappointments, hurt, defensiveness, etc. is to INVITE others and self into your Expectations and Wishes while allowing room for the spectrum of Potential and Possibilities. As soon as one wishes to Control life, self, or others through the Beliefs that one has, there is no longer room for evolution. To Control through Beliefs is to halt evolution to a great extent for all involved, and this will never feel pleasant, nor will it work for very long.


Over your month of August, then, examine the freedom you offer life, yourself, others, and how you respond to the discrepancies between what you wish or expect, and how life, yourself, and others actually show up. How you respond to that examination will allow you to contribute to the healing required on a personal level to help bring you back into your true potential and possibilities, while contributing to the healing on a global level. BELIEFS are what are generating the public wars that are now playing out in various ways. To the extent that you feel disappointment, depression, hurt, defensiveness, etc. because you cannot make others do as you wish, control yourself, and life is the extent to which you allow room for that dynamic in your global consciousness. This is NOT to say that you contribute to, or cause, the wars you see, but more to say that it can perpetuate the collective Belief that reality, people, self, must be CONTROLLED over being allowed room for the spectrum of Potential. Your personal examination of your own life and how you respond to this examination can actually contribute to the healing within the Human Consciousness that may be needed as a means to end various types of war. When one begins to Invite Potential through the Positive Pole of the Spiritualist Attitude, the irony is in the fact that the spectrum of Potential and Possibility must also allow room for the limitations of the choice for war.


We will open the floor to questions regarding the Energy Report now.


[Llawryf] by beliefs, do you mean expectations?


[Michael Entity] Expectations can be a Navigational Tool or a form of Belief. When Expectation is used as a form of navigation, the expectations are adjusted to the gaining of experiences. When Expectation is a form of Belief, then the Expectation of a specific result in a specific way from a specific source remains in effect, despite the gaining of experience.


[Jaffe] Do those of us who habitually use the spiritualist attitude have a specific role to play in the healing of the planet right now?


[Michael Entity] No, not specifically. Spiritualists, however, may find an extra dimension of sensitivity during this year's July through September, with an extra emphasis on the examination between Controlling Others Vs Inviting Others within the life. When we say "extra dimension," we mean that those who are Spiritualists may be the ones who are reading this and feeling a strong, immediate wave of recognition for what we have been describing.


[leslie] Is there anything else an individual can do to contribute to the healing within the Human Consciousness?


[Michael Entity] All forms of self-healing within the life contribute to the healing that may be needed on a global level. There is no way to escape the energetic system that is the web and matrix of Human Consciousness. What you choose, how you choose, what you heal, and what you feel, etc. all contribute to the system that creates the "weather" within the Human experiences shared on your planet while extant. This is why many who have awakened to their personal spirituality immediately feel the impulse to truly "improve upon," and heal the self, the life, the immediate relationships, as this is known on some level that it will also contribute to the potential healing of others. Consider the feeling one has when with someone who is complaining and victimized, vs how one feels around someone who finds inspiration within difficulties and remains open to life. This same impact of energy is shared beyond an immediate exchange and adds to the pool of Human Consciousness.


[Tara] Can you offer advice on allowing experience / releasing expectation?


[Michael Entity] Expectation is natural and healthy, so we do not advise against allowing room for your Expectations, nor do we believe one has to “release” Expectations. As we said, Expectation is a navigational tool, allowing you to find your way toward what you want. However, when ones Expectations exceed the potential of a source, it will always be necessary to allow room for that discovery and to adapt to that knowledge. If one can allow room for discovery and adaptation, one can adapt Expectation to match the potential of a source and to remain open for other sources to match the Expectation, AND offer patience through the INVITATION for that source to match your Expectations, allowing room for the possibility that the source may never actually meet that Expectation. This is not a form of giving up, but a form of wisdom. When one ignores Experience, one is no longer using Expectation as a form of navigation, but as a form of Control.


[Tara] thank you


[Abimn] I am having difficulty right now balancing experiencing and releasing expectation with regard to something - my husband was recently told via a medical intuitive that he has damage to his head from a childhood fall and he is hesitant to spend money to see someone for a scan of his head. The problem is: do I allow him to experience this on his own and release my own expectations of wanting him to be seen??? How does one draw the line here - having expectations... vs allowing my spouse to experience something on his own? Especially when healing is important here.


[Michael Entity] 
To force upon another fragment a choice that is “obvious” for his or her well-being is still an interference of that fragment's choice, and therefore is a creation of Karma. Your wish is for his well-being, and that wish is tied to your well-being, as well, as you would not want to lose this fragment to something that could have been prevented. We understand this. However justified your motivation, this still is a matter of INVITING another to participate in your Expectations, versus imposing your Belief over that fragment as a means to Control him toward what you want.


In this case, the healthiest direction to move would be to clarify your Expectation and Invite that fragment to participate. In other words: honestly share that this scan is not just about his well-being, but about your peace of mind. If he chooses not to have the scan, adjust your Expectations to match his potential, which means to allow room for his making the right choice at the right time FOR HIMSELF, and not just for you.


[Abimn] thank you.... frustrating - obviously i am having trouble with releasing expectations here.


[Abimn] I was thinking that by releasing expectations of mine, would I be freeing him to make his own choices without feeling the pressure of having to please me?


[Michael Entity] You can remain with your Expectations, as he is free to do as he chooses, with or without your Expectations. However, for the benefit of generating peace, you can adjust your Expectations to INCLUDE room for his choices, which may or may not satisfy your Expectations. This is wisdom. In other words, there is no need to free anyone from Expectations, as those are natural, but allow room for the reality that his choices are a reflection of where he is with himself, NOT as a reflection of the importance of your wishes and expectations.


[Abimn] That sounds beautiful really - thank you Michael! )


[Michael Entity] It is important that he is healthy and that is fair for you to expect the best for him, but his not wishing to have a scan does not mean your wishes are not important or that you are not important in the equation of your relationship. It simply means he wishes not to have the scan for reasons that are his own.


[Abimn] Thanks so much.


[Michael Entity] NEXT, Mardel. We will conclude the chat with Mardel's question.


[Mardel] Do genetics play any strong role in the experience of depression and anxiety?


[Michael Entity] In terms of depression and anxiety, the only physical element that we can see as being directly involved is diet. Genetically speaking, one person is not more prone to anxiety and depression over another. Depression and Anxiety are direct results of Intellectual over-processing, and while we see genetics as having nothing to do with this, what one uses a fuel for the body DOES have a great deal to do with how the Intellect is used.



[Mardel] Thank you.


[Michael Entity] Environment is tied to the states of Anxiety and Depression, as well. While Anxiety can be exacerbated by the effect of Environment on the processes of Intellect, Depression actually has its effect ON the Environment around the person. Changing the environment can help one with Anxiety, while changing the environment for one who is Depressed does little. The environment around one who is Depressed usually becomes a reflection of the depression, however, and while changing environments makes little impact, "cleaning up," the primary environment CAN contribute to the release of the depression.


[blueberry] But if the Overleaves are genetic, and if certain Overleaves can predispose one to intellectually over-processing leading to depression, wouldn't that equal depression being genetic?


[Michael Entity] 
No combination of Overleaves can lead one to be prone to over-processing in any direction, anymore than the range of speed of a car has anything to do with how fast one chooses to drive within that range. Overleaves are neutral elements in the same way that you may be genetically locked into having Brown Hair, but how you choose to feel about your Brown Hair, how you wear it, and the actions you take to alter it are results of imprinting, culture, and ultimately, choice. One can be born with "limited" or "gifted" Intellectual capacity and this will have no bearing on whether one experiences Depression or Anxiety. It is how one uses what one has that makes the difference.


That is always what makes the difference.


[Mardel] Thank you again and good night all.


[Michael Entity] Good night to all of you. We will conclude here.

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