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Energy Report: 2006 Overleaves

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Note from Janet: This properly belongs with the other Energy Reports, but I'll put it here for now.




Here is our perspective of the energy for the time period of your new year 2006 in terms of "Overleaves." Though energies shift, change, and adapt all year, there is a general energy that can be said to affect the calendar year, at least in terms of your shared reality.


The very basic energy of a year can be described in two Overleaves: the Role and the Center. These two basic energies are those that can contribute to your year feeling "comfortable" or "challenging," depending on your own Overleaves and your amount of participation in "the world." These two energies are most obvious in the first three months of a year, but their effects will remain steady throughout the year. In addition to these basic energies, the GOAL of the year will become implemented in those first three months, approximately.


It can be said that ALL of the Overleaves we use to describe the year are in effect ALL year, but the particular frames of time described below are the "seasonal" emphasis of those particular Overleaf qualities.


General “Seasonal” Energy emphasis:


The ENTIRE YEAR is based within the energies of the ROLE and CENTERING.

January through March implements and emphasizes the GOAL.
April through June implements and emphasizes the MODE.
July through September implements and emphasizes the ATTITUDE.
October through December implements and emphasizes the CHIEF FEATURE.


With all of that being explained, we would describe the probable energy for the year 2006 with these Overleaves:




PART OF CENTER: Intellectual



While we do not, and cannot, "predict", we can share with you what these energies appear to mean for you in the year ahead, but first, we will look at the previous year as a means to help put the current year into perspective.


Last year started and ended within the context of the Higher Emotional energies. In any year with Higher-Center emphasis, the impact is usually of a global nature, and any Emotional-oriented year tends to manifest itself literally and symbolically through the element of Water. The end of 2004/beginning of 2005 carried with it massive manifestation in the Tsunami that devastated the coasts of the Indian Ocean, while the end of 2005 carried with it the massive manifestation of the hurricane known as "Katrina," devastating the United State's Southern populations. In both instances, the manifestations were emphasized in areas of global consciousness where a great deal of neglect has been instituted.


In the aftermath of the Tsunami, a strong reaction surged through the shared consciousness as remedies flooded in for support of Thailand and other Asian populations. While the tsunami stood as a manifestation of Martyrdom carrying over from 2004, the hurricane was a manifestation of the Arrogance from 2005. The hurricane came partially as a result of a population's consciousness concluding that "if they can get so much help from so far away, then where is the help for us."


As the hurricane manifested from this Arrogance/Self-deprecation of 2005, the help was slow in coming; in fact, a strong reaction following the devastation was for the public to ask, "Why didn't anyone do anything to help themselves/us?" This is Arrogance: a presumption about the abilities of others to match your own standards or to make up for your own lack; an uneducated judgment against the vulnerability of a people.


Despite the various reactions and polarities among people over the tsunami and the hurricane, the overall effect of 2005 on the collective consciousness is that "whether we like it, or not, we are (still) in this together." The Higher Emotional energy manifestation brought with it the opportunity for another step toward a global sensibility, sensitivity, empathy, and higher service to all, while being played out through the Ordinal energy of the Server, showcasing individuals and small groups diving into the disasters to help whomever they could help. We believe 2006 will show an extension of this as the stories from 2005 are told in 2006 through the energies of the SAGE and the EMOTIONAL CENTER.


With the context of SAGE being emphasized this year, entertainment, media, talk, humor, light-heartedness, children, and animals will most likely be lifted to the consciousness of those participating in the world consciousness. Personal and group stories from the disasters of the past several years will most likely be showcased in very emotional ways, bringing into consciousness the reality of experiences that affected those involved.


We see two major branches coming from the SAGE energy of 2006, with one emphasizing the artistic presentation of Emotional energy, such as through films, television, art, and the other being extensions of the interactive medium, incorporating new technology for stimulating and sharing Emotional experiences; in fact, we believe a wave of "emotional technology" (or "warm technology") will begin rooting itself in the year ahead as computers, electronics, and the internet continue to house entire communities and high interactivity, requiring an infusion of "warmth" that has long been missing.


Those who work and play in fields focused on DISSEMINATION in any form will find this year to be demanding, but retrospectively deeply fulfilling. An explosion of demand for accurate information, honesty, truth, and exposure may move into the mainstream consciousness as the SAGE energy comes into manifestation. The SAGE mixed with the EMOTIONAL energy means to us that the Dissemination of information will most likely be wanted and needed within the context of how that information makes life BETTER for those involved; and by "better" we mean that life feels more fulfilling, resonant, and fun again.


Those who have been working in fields of communication, connection, dissemination, teaching, etc. may find the year ahead to be demanding in a way that will feel extremely fruitful and satisfying in the end, as opposed to the past several years. 2006 may be the year that many who work in these fields discover a freedom and prosperity that has been lacking in the past. This is because most people will now be in a frame of mind and heart to appreciate information, instead of enduring it. For the past 5 years or so, most people have merely endured the explosion of choices, sources, and streams of information available; some even shutting down internally and externally from any input, simply focusing on existing.


2006 finally brings a lift in spirit and many will find a strong need to satisfy quite playful, child-like needs.  Many will also be ready and willing to consider the validity of Emotional empathy with groups they had not considered before, with bridges being built across minorities, sexualities, classes, species, and continents. 2006 may bring an upsurge of emphasis on disenfranchised groups, minorities, misunderstood cultures; with the emphasis either being on the importance of empathy or on the importance of humor involved with these groups. It could be said that 2006 may be looked back upon as a year of “bittersweet laughter.”


It is not uncommon for several icons of comedy and drama to die within a Sage year, so it may come as no surprise that the end of 2006 will have a very emotional retrospective in the field of media and entertainment. And as would make sense, Sages and Artisans will be highlighted in the year ahead, with several absurd, comical, and shocking instances being spotlighted in the media or even in your personal circle.


Last year's Higher Emotional Energy brought with it an emphasis on Water as an emotional medium for global impact, but in the year ahead, the lower Emotional Energy will bring the same emphasis, but in a much more personal, private realm. This may show up as lingering "wet" illnesses, water problems in your living environment, localized floods, and other water or liquid-based scenarios to help work through the Emotions.


As the year appears to be Emotionally Centered, Intellectual PART, this Intellectual PART merely adds to emphasis of TALKING, communicating, expressing, and interacting based on personal, emotional realities. Keep in mind that Emotions are NOT expressive, but Inspirational, while the Intellect is the medium for Expression. This means the year ahead may require several avenues of Expressions (intellectual part) for personal Inspiration (emotional centering). For the most part, we see this happening in a positive manner, meaning that what is inspiring on a personal level is shared as a means to help others feel inspired on a personal level, but we do see static emanating from a few "hate groups" in North American United States who may use force to impose their ideas of personal inspiration. As this is a year emphasizing Intellectual Part, we believe this force would come in the form of sabotage to media, electronics, internet, and other obvious representations of communication this year. In some instances, boycotting and hostile rejection of sensitive subjects in cinema or groups may be another form of imposed inspiration. While these instances may prove challenging, distracting, and even frightening, we do believe the overall response from your species will be in simply standing ground with more progressive perceptions and emphasizing ACCEPTANCE, the GOAL for the year.


ACCEPTANCE will be the underlying theme of emphasis again this year, and especially over the first few months of your year, which is usually showcased in some kind of surprising element of humanity that has long been dismissed or rejected in the past. Last year's tsunami emphasized this, but this year we believe the film, BROKEBACKMOUNTAIN is this year's more personal start toward the road of ACCEPTANCE beyond boundaries, despite the tentative and "P.C." approach toward this film's celebration. While last year's emphasis highlighted a sense of consciousness beyond your "back yards," so to speak; this year, the emphasis will be more on considering and developing acceptance for those who actually SHARE in your "back yards."


Last year's overall energy was a double-emphasis on INSPIRATION with a Server and Higher Emotional Center year, allowing an Emotional distance for many to feel out how he or she fits into the scheme of world events, especially when tragedy was seen as so quickly and relentlessly possible, but still “far away.” Considering the magnitude of both major disasters, those affected directly were of a small percentage, but this year brings this Inspiration into the personal realm and each of you will most likely have a chance to see how you stand with issues of compassion, kindness, intimacy, and how you will express that into your personal realm. In light of that, many of you may find yourselves reaching out to form or take part in groups who share in your Inspiration and are capable of sharing fulfilling exchanges of Expression.


Aside from individual Karma and individual Overleaves, this year will also bring to light the reality and truth of how and where you stand in your Mate Agreements, Friendships, and Family. We see the momentum of this year leading more toward magnetism in these areas, rather than repulsion, so it may not come as a surprise that this year may find you feeling more grateful and appreciative of every single person who stands in your personal circle of life. This may be the first year in a long time that people around you do not feel like props in a personal drama, but they may begin to feel like "real" people who care for you, and their embrace of you will be difficult to take for granted.


Extending from last year, your species will continue to revamp “quality” tv, film, and music, which will continue through a revolution of its own. Focus may continue to remain on "messages," and relationship dynamics will be explored from a realistic, loving angle, including an emphasis on the unseen aspects of reality that are suspected to influence the individual and the world, such as Reincarnation, the "Soul," and "Spirit Guides."


Personal issues of Acceptance will also continue to come to the surface for you with questions such as “What is my worth? Why would someone love ME? How can I love more? What IS Love?” These questions began last year, and while we expected many to find answers by year's end, we see your world is still asking these questions, though from an even more personal angle. Answers to such questions are actually quite simple, but integrating these answers into your life can be met with great resistance and fear. We believe your year ahead will deal with the very things that did not allow you to integrate the answers you found last year.


More new relationships abound, more reunions with entity and cadre mates, important past life associations validated, and healing of old, forgotten wounds continue into the new year, but with new resolve and passion. Again, social groups begin to morph and mutate into more meaningful regroupings this year, focusing on fulfilling projects that inspire all of the members.


With SAGE, EMOTIONAL CENTERING/Intellectual PART, and ACCEPTANCE being the most emphasized energy in these first few months, we would suggest two specific approaches to help you benefit from that energy:


ONE: As with last year, ALLOW LOVE. There is no need to SEEK it, to pursue it, or to fool yourself into thinking you lack in it. Simply ALLOW IT. You cannot physically exist without some form of Love in your life. It is not fear that keeps you from taking your own life. It is not food and water that keeps you from dying. It is Love. We say these words knowing that they may sound cliché, but the truth often sounds that way. You are alive because you Love. You are alive because you are Loved. There is no other reason. Take time to look around your life and honestly perceive every single aspect of Love that is in your life, from the most specific people you know you share Love, to an appreciation of the simple things you do that bring you pleasure. The more you are able to identify and allow Love within the first few months of 2006, the more your personal world will shift into attracting and sharing Love beyond what it knows even now, making the rest of 2006 into a playground instead of battleground. Allow Love. It is already present.


TWO: As with last year, we suggest again to EXPRESS LOVE. Speak Lovingly. Be Loving. Mean what you say, say what you mean. Follow through with your promises to yourself and to others. When you are inspired to compliment someone, make the choice to offer that compliment in a way that shows appreciation and acceptance, even if this impulse comes at a surprising moment toward a surprising recipient. When you feel inspired to reach out, do so. When you know someone just wants to feel he or she is loved, try to move beyond your feeling of being manipulated, or your feeling that your words will have little meaning. We suggest you simply offer your Love, your acceptance of him or her, in however a manner it seems to come forth from you. OFFER it. GIVE it. But be mindful not to impose it; unless you choose to do so, of course.


As we suggested last year, you can easily substitute the word GIFT for LOVE, which may help encourage some of you along who have begun to define Love as something awful to experience. In other words, ALLOW Gifts into your life, and EXPRESS your Gifts into your life. This will free you from previous emotional confines and move you closer to the validity of Love, away from the pain you may have come to equate with Love.


Happy New Year.



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