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This content was posted by Troy in the TLE Yahoo group on December 21, 2007.


Kerrin asked if there was anything from Michael on Ghosts and Hauntings and I found this little bit from the old forums:


What is a ghost: Does the fragment actually fail to cross over for a period of time, or is it just the personality that stays here, or is the fragment's higher self here as well with the ghost, or something else entirely, if so what is it?


There are several different scenarios that are commonly described as "hauntings:"


BEACON HAUNTING: What we have described above could be called a "beacon" haunting, wherein a fragment has left a portion of consciousness in time/space so as to complete a simple, yet vital, process of integration.


LIVING HAUNTING: Another scenario is when a fragment's Personality has not "realized" or accepted death, remaining locked in an echo of itself, for no other reason but as an attachment to the life just lived. Essence usually "leaves" that portion of consciousness "behind," knowing it is perfectly capable of integrating it "later." This allows for complete freedom of the Personality, even beyond death. This kind of haunting is not usually marked by a pattern, but by apparent randomness and life-like expressions as that Personality continues to "live" within a familiar environment. These "ghosts" are the most conscious and capable of communicating intelligently with the living. Most do not, however, and remain "living" perfectly believable "lives" just slightly askew from the frequency you would call physical reality. This is more common than can currently be comprehended.


REALITY BURNS: Some "hauntings" are the emotional echoes or "burns" of fragments who are actually still alive. Some fragments have such a dynamic or disturbed or passionate infusion into reality that some of their energy remains behind as a form of haunting. These hauntings usually diffuse when that fragment dies, or when the emotional energy behind the haunting is resolved or processed. Some of the "scarier" hauntings can be explained as this type, as the anger of one fragment is left behind, affecting the next fragment, whose fear is then added to the burns in reality. Quite often, a designated space is declared as "spooky" or haunted, drawing expectancy among those who are within its vicinity. If anything startling happens, a burst of energy is added to the collective energy within that space that then becomes part of the haunting, itself. These "hauntings" can easily be cleanesd from the reality into which they have been burned.


GENERATED HAUNTING: This is more an extension of the Reality Burn Haunting than as a category unto itself, but we describe it separately because its origins and sustenance are dependent on stories that nurture its presence. This haunting is the result of people telling stories about a certain environment, and then contributing to the energy required to minimally support the stories. These hauntings are rarely able to be substantiated, but are the subject of fun, spooky, experiences that contribute to the energy that is the haunting. Bed and Breakfasts, restaurants, landmarks, and other tourist locations that claim hauntings are a prime example of this.


We spoke in response to your term, "ghost," but there are several categories and scenarios that might be under that heading. We spoke only of those scenarios where sightings, smells, and sounds are the main symptoms. Moving objects, vocalizations, violence, terror, etc. fall into categories beyond what we would call "haunting." We will also add that our phrases to describe the different versions above are not static. We used phrases that can easily be changed or more creatively defined, if one feels it necessary.

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21 hours ago, Janet said:

Moving objects, vocalizations, violence, terror, etc. fall into categories beyond what we would call "haunting." 


This reminds me of a story a friend once told me of being woken up in bed to what he thought was his girlfriend jumping on him and playfully pinning him down, but when he'd taken off the covers he was under, no one was there, and his girlfriend had left for work sometime earlier, so no one was even home. 😳 I trust him enough to believe he isn't making this up, and when I suggested it could be sleep-paralysis, he assured me he was fully awake and had physically felt someone on him.


While not violence per se, I think this would fall under the category of moving objects, vocalizations, and violence, since they sound more physical than the emotional "hauntings" Ms mentioned above. 


Does anyone know if we have any information about these sorts of things? I find them creepy but fascinating, and the Skeptic in me loves proving/disproving the validity of such topics.

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I have always been fascinated by the paranormal-  yet don't even recall asking about this- LOL!   Now I want to know more about "moving objects, vocalizations, violence, terror, etc."- POLTERGEISTS!

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On 7/21/2019 at 12:05 AM, Kerrin said:

I have always been fascinated by the paranormal-  yet don't even recall asking about this- LOL!   Now I want to know more about "moving objects, vocalizations, violence, terror, etc."- POLTERGEISTS!


I finally got around to following up on this!


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