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Energy Report: MARCH 2013


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March 2013


ROLE: SAGE (emphasized all year)
CENTER: INTELLECTUAL (emphasized all year)
GOAL: FLOW > acceptance/discrimination (emphasized Jan - Mar)
MODE: POWER (emphasized Apr - Jun)
ATTITUDE: IDEALIST (emphasized Jul - Sep)


The full force of the positive or negative poles of Flow comes into focus over the month of March, with a nice embrace of a sense of Freedom, or a serious struggle with Inertia. The way one can tell the difference is as with most experiences as described by positive and negative poles: the positive tends to feel better.

If you are experiencing the positive pole of Flow, you would tend to feel as if you have plenty of time, that your pace is comfortable, and that obstacles can be navigated. Freedom (the positive pole) does not mean easy, but it does tend to bring a confidence that allows for more graceful navigation.

If you are experiencing the negative pole of Flow, you may find that you feel a nagging pull in a direction that you might wish to ignore, but that you know is impending as an obligation, or that you are being pulled in a direction that you resent having to negotiate, or that you have begun to invest in as deep a distraction as possible from the direction you seem to be moving.

As March unfolds, there is a kind of collective support being generated for all who wish to surrender to the flow of the life, and to negotiate the responsibilities that come with it, so that movement and direction and meaning can return. It may seem daunting and unappealing to tend to the flow that your life is taking at the moment, but the reason one benefits from this is because you can then steer your life, instead of simply struggling against the current.

The flow of one’s life is not an imposition, but a culmination of choices and actions that have generated a momentum. Sometimes the long-term results of long-term choices can reveal some difficult or unappealing directions, but these can be altered if you are present and steering your way. You may not be able to reverse the flow, but you can alter that flow.

How one manages to feel one’s sense of Freedom vs Inertia in the life over March will help determine how the MODE comes into focus in April, which is POWER.

Helpful thoughts over MARCH might be:

All pain is a result of resistance. This does not make pain or resistance “bad,” but they are inextricably connected. Pain is not an indication of “bad,” but of resistance. Lifting weights or exercising can bring pain, but there is benefit from this. Running into a wall, or stubbing a toe can bring pain, too, but these are informative of your navigational stumbles, not meant to be “bad.”

Pain is always an indication of resistance. It is that simple.

If the needle is fine enough, one does not feel much of the pinch of a shot to the arm, but run a serrated knife over the skin, and you will feel great pain. The pain one feels in anticipation of a shot is often much worse than the actual pain of the shot because there is more psychological resistance. Resistance to communication when communication is necessary can be painful. Resistance to responsibility brings pain. Resistance in weight-lifting brings pain, too, and there can be benefit.

Severity of pain is measured in intensity and longevity. Long-term resistance can bring long-term illnesses or chronic pain. Sometimes pain can be immensely intense, but because it is for a moment, it is not difficult to overcome. Sometimes pain can be more like a cocooning that begins to dim the senses, closing down sensation, building resistance, and leading to apathy, depression, temper, and rage.

When you feel pain, there is information there. It is filled with insight about your life in immediate, short-term, and long-term ways.

For the point of this Energy Report, we will just suggest that as you move through March, you may find where you are most resistant by paying attention to the various versions of pain in your life, and examining the what and why of your resistance. Keep in mind that you may not have those answers right away, but paying attention to your impulses, and deciding to follow the flow of your life, to trust, your answers and insights would come.


March 15 --  NEXUS -
another Divergence generated by continued resignation to inertia. Parts of “you” will spin off into variations of itself to accommodate the resistance to the responsibility of the flow of the life.

March 20 - 23 -- -- DREAMTIME - paying attention to dreams over this period of time can help gain some insight into your look at how you will work with POWER in the months ahead, particularly in terms of how you relate to others, to your life, and to your projects.

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