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Energy Report: JUNE 2013

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June 2013



ROLE: SAGE (emphasized all year)

CENTER: INTELLECTUAL (emphasized all year)

GOAL: FLOW > acceptance/discrimination (emphasized Jan - Mar)

MODE: POWER (emphasized Apr - Jun)

ATTITUDE: IDEALIST (emphasized Jul - Sep)





JUNE brings with it the final month of emphasis on the Mode while shifting subtly toward the emphasis on the Attitude for the year. The final month of emphasis on an Overleaf can tend to either amplify that emphasis, or minimize it. When there is an emphasis, then the Overleaf tends to be explored in terms of extremes. On a more global scale, we do see the exploration of Power as being greatly emphasized, exploring extremes, but within our group of students, we think the emphasis is waning, bringing with it a fairly restful June.


For many of our students, we saw a kind of revelation, or realization, in how the Old Soul relates to his or her sense of Power. This appears to have come a sense of the quiet centering that is from where one draws true Power. For some, this may have come through extremes explored in May, with the more centered state being explored over June. For some, there may have come to be realized how much one rejects his or her sense of Power (presence) in the world, and this will now be reconsidered, and explored further. For some, there is a peace that may have come to the relationship with Power, with how one experiences his or her presence in the world, and an exploration of that new, centered alignment may be emphasized over June.


Regardless of whether one is centered in Power, still exploring the extremes, or rejecting it, June brings with it a more sensitive emphasis on how your choices, behaviors, and actions represent you in the world. Do you represent yourself accurately? Do you represent your Essence? Do you represent your agenda, your goals, your intentions, your feelings? All of these are questions that lead to: do you represent your Power?


It will be helpful for our students to take advantage of the rather calm state of June and pay attention to how well one represents oneself in various contexts, relationships, and patterns. Paying attention to the discrepancies or harmonies between you and your presence in the world can help to bring the clarity that would be necessary for the shift into the exploration of the Attitude in July. The more one tends to represent oneself with integrity, the more likely the Attitude, or personal philosophy, would help to magnetize and bring to your attention the support for the Positive Pole of the Attitude. When one is not representing the self with integrity, when one’s Power is undermined by discrepancies in behaviors, actions, choices, etc., then one’s Power tends to diminish, be abused, or move into imposition, moving the Goal into the Negative Pole, and the Attitude supports this by sifting from your experiences all that will justify your stances.


For those who come to a more centered, peaceful position regarding their own Power/presence, and are representing themselves accurately in the world, then July’s shift toward the Attitude may come with an emphasis on Agreements, alignment with others in ways that are supportive and invigorating. For those who remain without recognition of, or uphold rejection of, the nature of their own Power, the more likely July would come with a shift toward defenses, justifications, reasoning, and explanations for those discrepancies within and without.


Helpful thoughts over JUNE might be:




Often, there is a sense that one must “find oneself,” or “be oneself,” and this search or intention is undermined by missing the very key that would allow one to resolve either of these efforts. That key is in asking “where am I?” in your choices, actions, and behaviors. When one’s choices, actions, and/or behaviors are ruled by compulsions, by guilt, by obligation, by imprinting, etc. there is a discrepancy between one’s Power and the self. There may be many complicated “reasons” for this, but the most effective start to the return to self, to integrity, and to Power is to OWN the choices, behaviors, and actions that you have made, because regardless of influence from another, they are still your own. We are not speaking of extremes where abuse and Karma are involved, but of the general state of most lives. As soon as one remembers that YOU are still with you, even when you make choices from compulsion, obligation, fear, etc. then the return to self can begin. You are never lost. It is never necessary to “find” oneself. It is always a matter of simply letting you be present for your choices, your actions, and behaviors. As soon as you are present, you have returned to a sense of Power that can become more aligned, effective, and honest. Bring yourself into the present, and you begin to represent more and more with integrity.




June 14 - 16  -- NEXUS - CONVERGENCE  - a merging of Parallels is likely over these few days as a result of a rise of consciousness in relation to representing oneself in the world through the Personality. Several branches have probably formed over your past to accommodate those paths where one resigned from the responsibility of Power, hiding the self from scrutiny, rejection, failure, etc., and many of those parallels have now come to accept the responsibility that Power entails. This has led them back toward one another in a convergence that would likely feel like a mix of grief and excitement over this parallel shift. This may be disconcerting, disorienting one for a few days, but this is because the integration of pasts that “you” do not remember will still bring with it the punch of the emotional elements that mattered. This means “you” may suddenly feel the pain, the anguish, the struggles, etc. of versions of you that can now come back together, and this reunion toward inner wholeness also brings with it a sense of renewed enthusiasm, insight, and motivation. We suggest for those who may be sensitive to these kinds of shifts, to presume to be as restful as possible over that weekend. In general, it can be helpful to express a kind of “welcome home” to yourself over those days, inviting a more playful and inspired convergence.

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