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ENERGY REPORT - August 2019


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42 minutes ago, KurtisM said:

Ok friendly reminder again from the January 2019 ER, and I think I'm going to post it every month because I feel so excited reading it:


"THIS IS IT - On a personal and global scale, it could be said that 2019 is a pivotal year for everyone on the planet. It is a Moving Centered year of great changes, endings, and beginnings. Grief will likely be a great part of the energy in this year, as well as relief. Allow room for both of these states because you may find yourself moving between them on a regular basis. On a personal scale, it will be helpful to determine that this is the year you will do what you have been meaning to do, and actually, do it. Own your strength and motivation and use your imagination and action and intentions to truly follow through with what you know will improve, calm, and fulfill you, even if this may seem to be a very minor thing. On a larger scale, consider your part in the collective patterns and follow through with any changes or practices you know will help “the world.” Be a part of the world and not apart from it. Own your place in the collective creation of freedom for your fellow beings on your planet. This is it. We are not being dramatic when we say that “the world,” and even your personal world, are in a pivotal state during 2019 and the greater your participation, the greater your contribution to the more fulfilling direction."


I kid you not @KurtisM, this is very relevant ❤️ Now you've got me psyched too 

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On 8/5/2019 at 6:22 PM, Troy said:


August 2019



ROLE: Artisan (emphasized all year)

CENTER: Moving (emphasized all year)

GOAL: Flow → Acceptance/Discrimination (emphasized Jan - Mar)

MODE: Observation → Passion/Reserve (emphasized Apr - Jun)

ATTITUDE: Realist (emphasized Jul - Sep)

CHIEF FEATURES: Self-Destruction (emphasized Oct - Dec)


AUGUST brings with it a deeper dive into Realist Attitude that may launch August into rough territories of the heart and mind as the negative pole continues to be emphasized. 


Realist Attitude is about seeing “what is,” and learning how to navigate through what is by keeping in perspective the whole picture, but when Realist is in the negative pole, Realist Attitude still sees what is, but loses the ability to see the whole picture and can no longer navigate through what is, and gets trapped in it.  Rather than having the broader context, distance, and Objectivity of the positive pole, Realists in the negative pole fall into Subjectivity and this often means that “everything hurts” because they can only see what they can see. This can often lead to the creation of a loop of Subjectivity that assumes that what one sees is all that there is, and a process begins where the person in Subjectivity looks only for more evidence and support for what the Realist has decided is “what is.” 


We see August pushing deeper into this Subjectivity with even the most conscious of students having a difficult time seeing beyond what they see as “what is.” 


On a larger scale, you may see this play out in various ways that reveal how others see “what is” and how they work hard to continue to insist on their version of “what is,” or they do little to change what they have deemed as being “what is.” Groups will continue to form around their versions of “what is” and either push for more proof of what is, or resign to “what is.” 


On a more personal scale, our students may be feeling something similar in their own perspectives and philosophies about “what is” true about their lives and be locked in Subjectivity. 


What we can suggest to our students is that you must consciously choose to see more than what you see as “what is.” There is no magic or passive way about this. You must make that choice. You may not be able to see beyond what you can see at the moment, but you must make the choice. This means “sliding” to Cynicism, the partner Attitude on the same Axis. Cynicism is all about contradicting “what is” and being willing to see “what isn’t.” This does not mean making things up or seeing false realities, but being willing to see what you cannot so easily see. For example, if you see yourself as lonely, this is fair and valid, but it is not all that is true. No matter how much you insist on it being true, there are other factors and people and perspectives and actions and communication and care that can relieve loneliness. Contradicting your loneliness does not mean you are not lonely, but it opens a door to a broader possibility.


The above is also helpful for looking at the world, politics, relationships, etc, that may sometimes be locked into Subjectivity in 2019.


If you find yourself spiraling into a perspective of yourself, the world, relationships, etc. that convinces you that this is just “what is” and that you cannot change it or you find yourself looking for more evidence to support “what is,” you may be in Subjectivity.


Some of our students may find that none of the above is relevant and that they have been able to sustain a distance and Objectivity that allows them to see all of what is. We can only suggest to these students, if they choose to do so, that they consider helping others to see more of what is so that they are not lost in Subjectivity. It is not helpful to insist on or preach or tell people that there is more than what they can see, but one can gently invite them to consider that there is more.


And we do the same now to all of our students who may be locked in Subjectivity. There is more than what you see as “what is.” There is more. There is always more. There is more than loneliness, more than destruction, more than hate, more than violence, more than war, more than pain, more than illness, etc. Being willing to see more does not mean ignoring what is, but means that you allow and invite and create more to be alongside what is. 


For example, a catastrophic natural disaster may strike a population and there is no denying that this is “what is,” but it can be a life-saving choice to be able to see recovery, healing, resilience, kindness, community, etc., as part of the greater truth of what is.


Be willing to contradict your accurate but limited perspectives and invite, create, or allow more so that “what is” does not consume you.


DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate):


August 1st - 5th -- Energy Shift --  EXTREME AGITATION -  August starts off as June and July, but at a more extreme degree of agitation. Some of this agitation may be an undercurrent, but there will likely be an obvious extreme of agitation that triggers a burst of reactions. We can only suggest “riding this out” and getting to a more calming break around August 9 - 11.


August 9th - 11th -- Energy Shift -- COMFORT - We see a short window of emphasis on comfort, kindness, patience, celebration, honor, etc. during these dates that may be on a personal scale or collective scale.





REALITY IS MORE THAN WHAT IS REAL - Reality is not only made up of what you have determined is true, but includes what you do not know to be true, what you have ignored as true, and what you may find as a new level or angle of a truth you already know. Many of our students are quite open to reality beyond what they know as real, but this tends to be true only to a certain extent. Some of the most painful perceptions you may have about yourself, life, relationships, the future, the past, etc. can often be a resignation to “what is,” or a devoted and persistent effort to gather evidence to support only what you have known as “what is.”  Be open. Be willing. Be Real.

I am soooo curious as to what happened after the comfort that ended on the 11th.

I am completely drained, as is my husband. I wonder why no dates later in August was mentioned this month? How is everybody else doing?

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@Christina Lily Pedersen I'm regularly fluctuating between Subjectivity and Objectivity, between exhaustion and calm. Also have been accessing the Higher Centers a lot lately.

Recently work has been as exhausting and draining as it was during the Nexus Bubble last year. I hope we're not entering another Bubble, but if we are at least I learned from last time.


I think there's no other Energy Shifts mentioned because Michael only mentions those relevant to large collections of fragments. However, you might be going through personal Energy Shifts and those would be cool to map.

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Actually, that might be a better description for me too, the exhaustion vs calm ...

Thank you for sharing. So informative 🙂

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Good lord, I don't know if I'm going through a personal nexus or what, but this past week has been rough, and I feel like my world is about to change in fundamental ways, like I can feel it working but I can't see it. The tension between me and the drummer in my band, who is a close friend I love very much, erupted in a really bad way, and now I just feel horrible about everything. And I also just feel like I'm either at or about to arrive at an inflection point in some of the biggest areas of my life. The throughline seems to be that I'm in a no-action period. I can see that big changes might come really soon, but I'm in this sort of in-between that's very uncomfortable. It's not exactly frustrating, it's just very weird, and I wish I knew how and what to to actually DO about these. Experience tells me now is just a time to wait and see. I'm just wired to take actions, so that's never really been easy for me. 


The world is also just, what the fuck, come on.

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  • TeamTLE

I want to share... ♥♥♥


There is likely more to this dream (as there usually is). I woke up from a dream this morning knowing this:  As I woke up from this dream I realized that even though we older people can offer directions, because we know through experience how to get places, it will be the younger people with their lack of fear and the strength, courage, calmness, agility, and their own “know how” that will get us through these rough times over the next few years. Did I mention grit — because they got lots of it.


I was up north and it was winter. I was with a lovely young woman who was driving but also lovely Royce (AKA @Stickyflames) who was driving, as well. At some points she was driving and at other points Royce would drive. I had never been out in so much snow where I had to drive in it or at least it seemed that way. Royce was at the wheel for a time and he was a amazing driver. He had no problem driving at top speed and then when he braked and went into a spin he was able to correct quite elegantly. Both he and the young woman were exceptional drivers. It was dread for me, being out there, having to get home by driving on the worst ice and snow I’d seen. At one point the young woman was driving and wondering out loud how to get out to the highway. She was thinking about going out via Doe Lake Road. I spoke up and said: “I know my way around as my mother used to live up here (she had died and we had sold her house so we hadn’t been up this way in quite a while) and that wouldn’t be the fastest route.” I could see it would be like making a big circle taking you further north. In this snow you didn’t want scenic you wanted the most direct. I told her how to get to the highway more directly. As we were driving through this insane weather we saw a taxi driver driving backwards down a semi-steep street going faster than any of us were comfortable and then pull into a parking spot, perfectly. We were all awed. It set him up to be able to get back up the hill when he needed to. We continued on through so much snow and seeing much of the town which was beautiful at night with all the light from street lamps and light somewhat dimly from some houses. Eventually we reached the main highway which turned into being the centre of town where we had a choice of taking rail if we wanted to as we were now at what looked like a centre hub for transportation— a version of Union Station. I felt safer now and relieved we had made it. There were people around and even the snow wasn’t so bad. As I woke up from this dream I realized that even though we older people can offer directions, because we know through experience how to get places, it will be the younger people with their lack of fear and the strength, courage, calmness, agility and their own “know how” that will get us through these rough times over the next few years. Did I mention grit — because they got lots of it.


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