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Originally posted by Martha on December 12, 2001.


I've been going over the channeling I got this year, and was surprised to find I had not posted EVERYTHING.


Ha ha.


QUESTION: I found this on TLE in a reference to an “old” Q&A on cadres and entities (Michael Speaks: Cadres and Entities Q&A). There are two main things I find intriguing.


MEntity: Depending on the lifetime just lived, you will either integrate the lifetime and Personality as part of the dynamic of your Essence, or that lifetime remains “alive” and functioning within its own timeline. That lifetime, along with any other lifetime that is relevant to a theme, acts as a long-sounding tone, so to speak, and a new lifetime being created must integrate that tone into its plans. Lifetimes then “cluster” in terms of “chords”, usually in groups of 5 tones around a theme; the theme acting as a “chord”. Until that theme is complete, each lifetime and Personality is literally “alive” and full of various potentials within that theme.


First, can you elaborate on what it means for our “personality” if the lifetime remains alive?


Second, the part about clusters as chords is interesting. As a musician, I think I “grok” some of what you mean, but more info on music and how it relates to direct contact with other Essences would be helpful. Could it tie in with the piece below?


Question: So, are you implying then, that the music most deeply touching me is that which brings me closest to Essence?


MEntity: Yes. But note that it may also be a path for direct contact with other Essences. This is a large topic and we may continue with the delineation of each Axis, or move to the next question.


### end of question setup



Three of the 5 lifetimes within a Chord/Cluster/Theme are the triad around which the theme is played out: Positive, Negative, Neutral. The first "note" in the Triad sets the "key" in which the "chord" is being "played." The two additional lifetimes act as a kind of "dyad" within the theme where the process is bridging.


If the experience is described linearly, the sequence can "start" with any of the parts of the triad. So a theme may start as Negative, then move to Neutral, then to Positive, with the two bridges between each. From Essence's perspective, however, these lives are being sounded at-once, like a pentad chord from within the composition that is the entire cycle of physical lives.


Each lifetime within a pentad would be distinct and with its own identity, so to speak, but resonant to every other lifetime within that pentad. None would be subject to any influence by the other, but each could consciously or subconsciously access any of the other lifetimes. So if a theme or chord is emphasizing Betrayal, then any given position within that chord would have access to any other position, regardless of the linear process. So note C would have resonance/access to note G, even if G has not happened "yet" from the linear perspective of C. This would mean that C might feel or sense solutions or challenges that are more emphasized and explored in G, and apply what is being learned in G, even to the lifetime of C. For the most part, this would simply feel like the imagination or creativity of C, but that detail is relatively moot.


When we say that a lifetime "remains alive," we do not mean it in any linear sense, as if that lifetime is repeating or unending from your perspective, but that Essence holds down a kind of "sustaining pedal" on the "notes" of those lives so that the resonance is more profound. Keep in mind that various parts of a single lifetime will have different notes that correspond to different chords/clusters/themes.


(December MyMichael Forum, 1/4/11)


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  • TeamTLE

Martha gave me permission to post some of her old sessions for her because there are a ton of good ones and she has other things to deal with these days than copying and pasting. 


This one came to mind because it has content I plan to ask about in one of my own sessions soon. Enjoy.

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This is so interesting. Thanks for posting it @Janet and @Martha.

Michael said that my current life is part of 3 different clusters, and is the 5th life in each of those clusters. They also gave me the theme of each of the clusters. I've posted it somewhere here on TLE.

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  • 2 years later...

Michael described this in a cool way in a reading of mine, not sure if something like this is already on here: 


MEntity: Life Tasks do tend to be threaded among lives in a way that creates themes. These tend to be related to what we call CLUSTERS, or a set of 5 lives that approach the same experience from 5 different angles. This is usually a progression from the most restricted and resistant to the most eager and enthusiastic and then these are balanced in a lifetime.


In your case, you are in the 4th life of a Cluster that could be said to be themed in BRIDGING COMMUNICATION GAPS or CREATING RESONANCE, and you are in the more positive approach to this through your current Task.


The unconscious/subconscious access/resonance aspect spooks me - I wonder if any students have validated these instances of cross-life insight on here? Lovely to imagine the entirety of our existence as a song :0)

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