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Healing techniques

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This content was originally shared on August 12, 2010.


Here is some info I got around healing. While it was specific to me, I think these could work for other people too.


QUESTION: I have had pain issues for years, with various diagnoses. I believe that continuing to improve my overall health by losing weight, improving diet, and exercising will help with all this. Massage helps a lot but is too expensive to do nearly often enough. Aside from the sensible health improvements I mentioned, is there something I can do/not do, eat/not eat, contemplate, meditate on or otherwise just have not thought of that will help?



Everything that you are doing appears to be in favor of alleviating and managing pain, and the most accessible method appears to be exercise. Strengthening all forms of support within the body for the areas of pain and but the core of the issue may require deeper rearrangements of energies, so to speak. Those rearrangements might be addressed through deeper tissue massages, dream work, or energetic self-healing.


By addressing the ailments externally, there is potential for management, but addressing the ailments internally, there is potential for cure.


As finances may be a limitation, the dream work and energetic self-healing may be preferable.


Dream work would include a rather strict process of invitation and programming for sleep as a means to work out the root cause of your ailments. This would be a simple process for initiation, but may bring a great deal of emotional turmoil as these core issues were to rise to the surface, most of which would be processed in the dream state, but would have effects in the waking state, of course. It would be vital that this process be supported by you in a way that never loses sight of the fact that it is a relatively temporary healing process. It would be akin to "going through the fire" as a means of transformation.


The process would be initiated by an invitation to yourself upon entering sleep for the day. It would be an invitation to allow for literal or symbolic processing of whatever is at the root of your ailments. This process would include the tracking of dreams over a 90 day period of time, even if the dreams are not remembered. Your pain would not necessarily be gone by the end of those 90 days, but a layer of cause would have been transformed. When you are ready to work on a new layer, another process of 90 days would be initiated.


Energetic Self-healing would be similar to the dream work, but done from the waking state, and in increments of 60 days. This self-healing process would be initiated upon rising from sleep and would be an invitation to yourself to bring an awareness to your day in a way that finds one moment of clarity that allows for you to transform even the slightest of cause for your pain. This might be a moment of pause, a moment of laughter, a moment of insight, a moment of surprise emotion, a moment of grace, etc. The key would be in those moments that invite you to realize that you are worth every second of your life and what it is you want from this life.


Because the cause of the pain comes from the guilt and shame of wanting more from your life than you believe you can actually expect of yourself. You tend to distract yourself from this cause by busying yourself in various routines and false starts, but the daunting reality of living, actually LIVING, is just out of reach, paralyzing you.


In sleep or in waking state, the capture of those fleeting moments when you own your life will begin to build a matrix that may allow for a transformation and release of the cause of much of your bodily suffering.

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