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Dichotomy between the Sacred and the Profane

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We realize this may fall into the category of cliché, but it is still true for us to say: it is vital for every fragment at some point to realize that it is revolutionary to Love yourself for who you are before trying creating who you could be, could have been, will be, or would be. We will never tire of reminding you to Love Yourself, as that is the ultimate Goal, and everything leads to that final challenge of the Physical Plane. You are at a Turning Point in this challenge in this life, and we can assure you that there is nothing to lose by being in awe and fascination of who you are in a single day in this single dimension. Therein lies the stable foundation from which to launch even more vividly into your multidimensional concepts of self and others.


I love this!!!! ♥


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What an amazing and beautiful session.


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