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4th IM at the 6th Level


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This content was originally shared by Martha on November 3, 2010. References to threads do not pertain to the current site.


Recently here we have been discussing soul ages, and 6th level, and sages in various places. At tonight's Personal Open Floor chat, I asked for an update on my progress through the 4th IM.


QUESTION: Where am I with my 4th IM? This may be a typical observation at this point in the cycle, but it feels like so much work and time and growth through struggles to get to where I am now. I feel like only now can I truly be and appreciate myself, and that the true blossoming is yet to come. I know 49 years is a blink for essence, but it seems like an inordinate amount of pain and struggle to get to this point.



Keep in mind that your current lifetime is inherently painful as it is a cycle that is emphasizing an examination of everything you have ever done to betray, interfere with, harm, destroy, etc YOURSELF. This examination includes the current lifetime, but goes far into the reaches of your Essence's past lives to pull up vague, seemingly unrelated, unwarranted, and perplexing scenarios and issues through which the resolve of these experiences can happen.


As the 4th Internal Monad is entirely about self-realization, the process of the 4th Internal Monad, and the work of even getting to that 4th Internal Monad, all during the 6th Level of Soul Age, is nothing short of being turned inside out and upside- down in many ways. Add to this the preference of a Sage to have fun and play, rather than be "serious" and ponderous, it is not surprising to us in the least that you describe your experience as so stretched out and tedious.


However, we do not offer this to console you, but it is fair for you to know that your Essence feels you are much farther along within this lifetime in that regard than was considered fair to expect, considering the list of self-sabotage that pepper your Essence's history. With this in mind, it may also be helpful to put into perspective that much of what has been considered painful and difficult has also been the very experiences that have propelled you toward self-realization, even if only in sputters and starts.


To be more accurate, your CHOICES in response to your pain and struggles have been the very propellant that has moved you closer to being who you are. You are currently in the 6th Stages of your 4th Internal Monad, moving from the Negative Pole of Repulsion, to the Positive Pole of Attraction. As you are doing so, you have also addressed the Negative Pole of the 7th Stage, Incongruity. This Negative Pole passage of Incongruity is the process of coming to peace with the routines, relationships, behaviors, etc., that clearly no longer represent the core of your Being. Those Incongruities will stand out harshly, and if one remains stuck in that Pole, then the world will simply feel out of sync with, and even opposed to, everything that you feel you are.


However, if you choose to move into the Positive Pole of this 7th Stage, Alignment, then you would simply allow yourself the time, space, and energy to let life reshape itself around your new sense of self. And then you would Emanate Essence, or Manifest Essence, fully, as the 4th Internal Monad would be completed in the Positive Pole. Based on your current momentum, we can see your next birthday being celebrated from the stance of a successfully completed 4th Internal Monad, though, of course, that remains to be seen. Keep in mind that a successfully- completed 4th Internal Monad does not mean that suddenly life is easy; it simply means that you finally embrace and support who you are, not who you thought you were supposed to be. And then you build upon that. However, building upon who you are, from a place of support and embrace, IS often much easier than otherwise.

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