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The Unread Content Feed

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I don't know how most of you approach this site as far as finding content to read that you haven't read before, but I use the Unread Content Feed. I have the sense that many people don't know it exists, or that you can actually create your own feed to provide a list of topics to review. 


Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 8.02.57 AM.pngWhen you select the "Unread Content" option, you will see a page that contains ALL of the items on this site that you have never viewed. That includes forum topics, blog entries, comments, data base updates, events, etc. EVERYTHING.


(Note: Based on some recent play with this feature, I suspect that "ALL" of the unread items means everything unread added in the last year rather than "ALL." I can't check this because I don't have much unread content, but you can check and let me know.)


Be forewarned that the first time you do this, the list will be LONG. I know this because as I work on the archives I find SO many topics that have never been viewed since they were moved to this location. It's a treasure trove, and you're missing out. That's one reason I created the mystery links, but you can get your own current mystery links by using this Feed. 


As you view content and reopen the Unread Content feed, the list of items will decrease. So, you can scan the list, read topics, scan the list, etc., until you get to the point where there is nothing else in the list that you're terribly interested in reading. And at that point, you won't want to keep seeing all those uninteresting posts in the list. 


But never fear, once you know you've read everything that you want to read, you can reset the content of the feed to show only the newest items. To do this, find the small link in the upper right corner of the feed that says "Mark Site Read." Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 8.08.58 AM.png


Once you click on this link, you will get a prompt that asks if you truly want to clear the feed, and you should indicate that you do. Then, refresh the screen, and you will see that the feed is completely empty. 


After that, only new items that you haven't read will appear in the feed. 


I use this approach regularly because even though I'm on the site nearly daily, I still miss stuff. 


One last thing: you can create your own feed, and it works similarly to doing a search. I have a feed that shows me Unread Content without Events. When Troy updates his working calendar, the events show up as Unread Content, and I know I don't need to look at details for those. 


Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 8.28.19 AM.pngIn the image to the left, you see my activity streams as well as the option to "Create New Stream." 


In fact, I learned something by writing this topic: you can create a stream that searches for tags. This is a revelation because the Search function does NOT find tags, even though otherwise it's pretty good at finding every instance of whatever word or phrase you search for. 


However, tags allow you to specify words or phrases that may represent the content of an item without using a word explicitly mentioned in the content. So now I have a Tag Search feed, and I just update the tag wanted every time I open the feed.


I'll leave it up to you to experiment with creating your own stream. In the meantime, try the Unread Content Feed and see what you think. 

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