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When Beliefs Fail: A Psychology of Hope

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This book is sitting on my bookshelf where it's been for many, many years. I happened to glance at it today, though, and as innocuous as it seems, I was reminded how this book was a major cornerstone during my late adolescence into college years when I was exploring and forming beliefs and worldviews. I don't recall where I got it from...maybe through my Mom or possibly via my viola teacher (presumably a task companion). Either way, I remember this book making so much sense to me like almost nothing had up to that point. I referred back to it's concepts a lot during that time period (although today I wouldn't be able to quote or expound on it to save my life). It's now been over a decade since I've read it, but I think many of its concepts are still carried with me, seamlessly blended with what I've come across since then.

Indeed, when I took it off the shelf today and did a quick glance at the introduction just for grins, I was struck by how its much of its premise is not only still central to my thinking, but also how there are potential parallels between it and what I've gleaned from the Michael Teachings. In fact, I'd venture to say this book might have been instrumental in laying the foundation for my understanding of the Michael Teachings, which I came upon years later. It'd be interesting to read it again just to see how what I've learned has evolved.


Anyway, I just figured I'd share it. There's probably nothing new or interesting in it for most TLErs (and a lot has happened in the world since January 2001), but I think it's probably still a good read, particularly for anyone seeking a basis for exploring worldviews.

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