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Many Lives, Many Masters

Christian Green

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Christian Green

Has anyone here read Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss or his other books and thought it fits well with the Michael teachings? In some of the past life regressions I noticed the person's former self maintained strong similarities to who they are in this life. I had always thought reincarnation was more of a brand new start, but the past life regressions in Weiss's book seem to line up well with individuals maintaining role and casting from one life to the next. Thoughts?

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Welcome Christian. I have not read his books that I can recall. Michael as channeled through Troy shared this with me once in terms of relationships between lifetimes. Quoted below are parts of a larger session.


"MEntity: All fragments have a method of storage and retrieval of data in the Instinctive Center and this system tends to be cultivated over many lifetimes so that as a Personality awakens there can continue the thread of bonding and relationship among lifetimes, and elevate this to new levels of awareness.


MEntity: Lifetimes are stored as "seeds" that symbolically reference the various ways that a single lifetime can grow. A lifetime never begins as a single seed, so to speak, but many seeds that become the base of various origin parallels.


MEntity: The current lifetime will always contain cumulative experiences from all lifetimes that have come before, but an individual lifetime is technically resonating to and rising from a selection from among all of those experiences."


Every lifetime of Essence is unique and its own thing but the experiences of each life also contributes to the cumulative state that we each are as Essence.

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@Christian Green -- There is a wealth of information on this site about reincarnation and how it works. Others here have mentioned and discussed Weiss and similar books by Dr. Michael Newton. You can start by adding "Weiss" to the search field to find items that mention him specifically. That will probably lead you to other search terms to pursue. 

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