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October 2013



ROLE: SAGE (emphasized all year)
CENTER: INTELLECTUAL (emphasized all year)
GOAL: FLOW > acceptance/discrimination (emphasized Jan - Mar)
MODE: POWER (emphasized Apr - Jun)
ATTITUDE: IDEALIST (emphasized Jul - Sep)


OCTOBER brings with it a full-blown exploration of Self-Destruction as built upon the Negative Pole of Idealism, pulling the Overleaves of the year into all of the Negative Poles over this new season. October through December may come to be an example of how a collective dive into Negative Poles might show up. This has happened in the past, of course, and is nothing new, but in keeping with part of the point for sharing these reports, it can be helpful to observe the next few months in light of how “the world” is shaped by collective choices that are described by these Overleaves.


First, let us point out that each of the Chief Negative Features describes natural experiences that cannot be avoided, and how one develops a fear of those natural experiences, and then develops habitual defenses to protect oneself from those experiences.


For example, Arrogance and Self-deprecation are forms of protection against issues of self-esteem, or BEING. Arrogance protects against vulnerability, and Self-deprecation protects against inadequacy. Both vulnerability and inadequacy are experiences no fragment can avoid, and are healthy to embrace. Impatience and Martyrdom are forms of protection against issues of control, or DOING. Impatience protects against the lack of control over time, and Martyrdom protects against the lack of control over one’s space. Controlling all of time and space is not possible by any fragment. Stubbornness is protection against change, or the unknown, or KNOWING, and it is futile for any fragment to presume these can be avoided.


And so it is the same with Self-Destruction, partnered with Greed. These are forms of protection against issues in value systems, or HAVING. Self-destruction is protection against having too much, while Greed is protection against not having enough. Value is entirely subjective, and cannot be standardized in a way that can demand rigidity.


These are simplistic synopses, but they are fair.


This year’s falling into Self-destruction is all about “having too much,” or enforcing a rigid value system that seeks to determine who has too much. Self-destruction as played out on an individual level may be far more nuanced and show up quite differently, but we are addressing this as it is playing out collectively here. Self-destruction is being played out most notably in the United States’ political debacles that cannot move beyond the questions of do “the rich” have too much, and do “the poor” have too much? When a standard of value becomes rigid, Self-destruction is the result. Not because it solves anything, but because if one cannot have what one wants, cannot find value in what one has, then the distraction toward Sacrifice or Suicide, the positive and negative poles of Self-destruction, destroys the source of that rigid value system. As the year has moved squarely into Self-destruction, “something or someone” will most likely be Sacrificed as the most “positive” option, or total Suicide at worst. Sacrifice could help save some sense of shared value, even if it taints the entire point of the value being protected, but Suicide would take down all sense of value. Most involved would prefer to lean toward Sacrifice, but the group who would do so has not been determined. We cannot predict the outcome or effects of this Self-destructive spiral, but we think it may be into next year that we are exploring these effects on a global level.


On a personal level, one may not be able to avoid the effects of the Self-destruction tone set around the world, but one can keep from taking this on as one’s own questioning of value.


If you find you have fallen into a wave of questioning your value, your sense of contribution, your sense of worth and meaning in the world, you may have taken on some of the collective Self-destruction.


There is an “easy” fix for helping yourself move out of that line of self-scrutiny: Stop It.


Yes, it is that easy. This is not to diminish the pain that this line of questioning can bring, and not to diminish the personal concern for one’s value, but a reminder that you are in control of your own thoughts, your own assessments, and your own value system. To question yourself in a way that can help improve or adjust your contributions, your sense of meaning and worth, is Good Work, but to do so only as a way to undermine and destroy your value system because it does not match some standardized fantasy of a value system is useless.


If you are questioning your value, your meaning, your worth: stop it. It is not something that can be measured by some standard. Your value, meaning, and worth are being measured by a multitude of subjective perceptions, including your own. You have a choice, right now, to embrace your worth as inherent in your life. Your life is worth it. You are worth all of this. You are worth more than this. You have a long way to go before fulfilling all of your worth. We state these things, not to comfort you, but to point out that there is no rigid value system of worth for the self that can work effectively. If you exist, your worth is not in question.


Of course, if you choose Self-destruction and choose to reduce your sense of value, it is your choice, but it is not necessary.


Helpful thoughts over OCTOBER might be:

If you find you are questioning yourself by some inflexible standard of value system, you are not making an accurate assessment of yourself, or of someone else. Stop it. It is up to you what you choose to do, but if you choose to learn more about the true value of yourself or others, drop the rigid value system. It is ok to like something, not like something, to disagree, to agree, to resonate, to be repulsed, but these are not rigid value systems that condemn or sanctify. As your months move through the end of the year, if you choose to explore the spectrum of who you are, or who others are, in more accurate terms, then you would want to stop any condemnations or praise based on anything rigid and static and standardized. Move yourself toward a concept of “preferences” rather than conclusions. If you so choose.



October 17 - 21 -- NEXUS - a 5-day Divergence window that we suspect would spin off some rather strikingly different versions of a future for the planet’s economy. A pivotal shift toward and away from a Resource-based Economy.

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