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Goals: Your Motivation and Meaning

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[Note: Troy posted the following content, including a transcript from Michael, into the Yahoo group on March 4, 2008.]


Hey everyone!

I know a lot of us tend to think there is not much more to be learned about the Basics of the teaching and that can tend for us to move beyond them and on to "new" information because we are indoctrinated by a consumer mentality that always craves something new, then we chew on that for a while, and then look for something even newer... 

I have nothing against new information from Michael and I intend to add to that increasing volume of information, but I'm also convinced that we just don't have a very good comprehension of the BASICS and any building we do on such shaky foundations is just going to continue to collapse into a kind of indigestion and gluttony, instead of as an amazing library of knowledge and wisdom within each of us.

So, as part of my invitation to comprehend the Basics in ways we might not have realized were lacking, I'd like to explore the Basics by asking of them in a way that doesn't presume we know it all.

Let's start with our GOALS!  I've seen a lot of misconception about the Goals, but not a lot of questioning.  I had started out by asking Michael about how we can reach our Goals, but Michael quickly reminded me that a Goal is not a place to reach, or even a state to achieve.  It's not a destination at all!  Even I hadn't looked at the Goals in quite the way Michael presented to me today.  Maybe someone has already received this kind of insight, but if not, here it is for your examination!  YAY!

I invite you to add to this discussion as much as you can using your questions, feedback, and even your stories, so that we have a nice thread about GOALS in the archive!



GOALS:  your Motivation and your Meaning

Channeled through Troy Tolley



Michael Entity:

When one looks at our system of Overleaves and explores the concept of the Goal for a lifetime, it is often assumed that this trait describes an inherent quality of the Personality. For instance, a person with the Goal of Acceptance might mean that this person is an “accepting person,” but this may or may not be the case. More accurately, the Goal describes a direction of emphasis toward which a fragment intended to go in terms of experience for the lifetime, and describes the context through which those experiences will be filtered. In other words, the Goal describes the MOTIVATION behind a fragment’s actions, and the MEANING toward which he or she is trying to build a case.


When looking at your Goal, it will bring great insight to consider it as being linked to every single action within the lifetime. Your Goal may not always be directly linked to your feelings, to your thoughts, to your spirituality, but it is ALWAYS linked to your ACTIONS. Everything you DO is in some way intended to emphasize your Goal.


For fragments that tend to live the life unconsciously (for lack of a better term) the lifetime can still be viewed in terms of actions directly emphasizing the Goal, but Meaning will be applied to those actions after the lifetime has ended and is [in] review. For those who choose to bring some awareness to the lifetime and to the process of comprehending how one’s actions emphasize the Goal, it can be quite enlightening to view Actions of the life in terms of how it builds a case for or against your Goal. In other words, what do your actions MEAN? What are you DOING with your life? What are you DOING with your relationships? What are you DOING about your health, your wealth, your feelings, your thoughts, etc. What do you find to be the common theme among all of your actions as they relate to all elements of your life?


Beyond the simplified description of seeing your Goal as a state to achieve, or as a basket in which you collect your experiences, it could be far more accurate to see your Goal as a quality of life toward which your actions seek to PROVE or DISPROVE. It could be said that a lifetime will be spent building a case FOR and AGAINST the Goal. Though one will tend to have an inclination toward proving or disproving, both angles are explored. Every action within the lifetime is a collection of evidence to support or refute the Goal.


In most cases, the positive and negative poles of the Goal can give indications as to whether one is disproving or proving the Goal. For example, if one has a Goal of Growth, the positive Pole of Evolution will tend to prove that Growth is valuable and meaningful, whereas Confusion, the negative pole, will indicate that your actions are collecting experiences that prove that Growth is “not worth it,” overwhelming, senseless, etc. If one has a Goal of Acceptance, the positive pole of Agape can indicate that one is actively creating proof that love is powerful, embracing, and meaningful, whereas the negative pole of Ingratiation indicates a collection of experiences that show how Acceptance can degrade, diminish, and damage a person, seeming to be a meaningless experience.


For those who choose to implement the Goal with some awareness, it can help for you to always ask these basic questions:






Keeping in mind that your Goal describes a QUALITY of life that ALREADY EXISTS toward which every Action is building a case for or against can bring about a great amount of liberation to your movement through the life. The Goal is not a destination or an accomplishment, but a comprehension. It is the process of adding Action plus Meaning, and then measuring where one is [in] relation to that Quality of life.

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