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Originally posted by Martha on May 5, 2011


From last night's POF chat:


QUESTION: Can you give us more detail about the tribond (you said it was intense and karmic)?


A triad or a tri-bond is always unstable and is always in a constant state of seeking balance.


The mere act of walking is a good example, with a double pendulum process in motion that has the center of gravity thrown forward, one stabilizing force, and one propelling force.


Karma is a triadal force. These triadal forces are in their most basic forms a dance among Positive, Negative, and Neutral. Propulsion, Center, and Stability. Any group of three fragments will always take on those forces as part of a triad, even in a social situation.


In terms of the Entity, those who are proportionally and mathematically in the "same position" on each "side" of the Entity would form this bond. The positions of Positive, Negative, and Neutral would usually be relative to the positions the Personalities take with one another when in a lifetime, but between lifetimes, and within the dynamics of the Entity, this usually defaults to the first fragment being Positive, the second being Negative, and the third being Neutral.


Or, the Truth fragment being Positive; the Love being Negative; the Energy being Neutral. As a triad, or tri-bond, certain themes would be explored, with each contributing a force to the process of that exploration, not only via the default force from within the Entity dynamics, but then there are the variations that result from the choices of the Personalities and their relationship with one another, if there is a relationship.

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  • TeamTLE

I know that Petra posted a session on this topic recently (Tri-bonds). Today I ran across an archived copy of Martha's session on the topic and decided to post it for her since it is a current conversation topic.

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This subject, Tri-bonds, was interesting to me also, because lately I have been working on a chapter on Casting for my book manuscript A History of the Overleaf Chart. My surmise was that there had to be a soul bond such as this, and I called it Triality, which is of "Threeness", to go with the other structural, numerical bonds of Complementarity ("Twoness") and Identicality ("Oneness") that provide Casting bonds between Fragments and "Composites" -- groups of kindred souls. In my document, I integrated the Tri-bond information with my understanding of Triality, and included the TLE link. See attached PDF for more information. My chapter has issues, so if anyone feels moved to review and comment and provide feedback, that would be much appreciated.


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