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Energy Report: DECEMBER 2013

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December 2013



ROLE: SAGE (emphasized all year)
CENTER: INTELLECTUAL (emphasized all year)
GOAL: FLOW > acceptance/discrimination (emphasized Jan - Mar)
MODE: POWER (emphasized Apr - Jun)
ATTITUDE: IDEALIST (emphasized Jul - Sep)


DECEMBER begins to close the emphasis on Self-Destruction, but probably not before a few higher profile bursts exemplifying both the Positive and Negative Poles. Overall, the collective energy over December would appear to be general sense of relief from the more anxious qualities that come with Self-destruction. This sense of relief can actually prompt further Self-destructive behaviors because there may be eager leaps ahead, risk taking, and dismissal of concerns as this relief comes. The use of the Positive Poles of one’s own Overleaves, as well as consideration for the Positive Poles of the year’s Overleaves, would help in minimizing any stumbles into Self-destruction.


While November was rather quiet in the world, December will begin to grow “louder” in terms of significant events that may grab the attention of our students. There are some concerns beginning to grow over relations to China, and between China and Japan, for example, and if December can come and go without incident, we think that concern would begin to shift toward peaceful negotiations. During December, however, this would be an example of precarious leaps that may fall into examples of Self-destruction.


As December unfolds, so does the anticipation for the new set of Overleaves for the next year. Older souls will tend to begin their exploration of these before they come into manifestation on a wider scale. We will go over these in more detail in a January report, but here is a preview as we see them forming now:



ROLE: Priest (emphasized all year)
CENTER: Intellectual (emphasized all year)
GOAL: Growth (emphasized Jan - Mar)
MODE: Passion (emphasized Apr - Jun)
ATTITUDE: Realist (emphasized Jul - Sep)
CHIEF FEATURES: Impatience (emphasized Oct - Dec)

In general, December for our students would appear to be fairly calm in personal circles, with most of our students having navigated the emphasis on Self-destruction in quite remarkable ways.


Helpful thoughts over DECEMBER might be:


This is a month that appears to collectively support stepping away from more pressing or anxious matters, and to focus on being present in the process of giving, receiving, and resting. This is not to say that one should ignore pressing matters, but that if that is a choice one can make, it can be beneficial. The pressing matters would likely benefit from the break in concern and worry, with the rest helping to generate solutions and insights.



December 01 - 03 -- (minor) NEXUS - Convergence - this Nexus helps finalize those parallels “ending” from over the past few months.

December 15 - 19 -- NEXUS - Divergence - this Nexus appears to be an emphasis on pivoting into the new year’s energy and Overleaves, or not. If you find the last couple of weeks of December rapidly amp up into a whirlwind of activities and effort with an emphasis on renewed enthusiasm for bringing into form your intentions, projects, and tasks that would shape 2014, you have probably pivoted into the Priest, Intellectual, and Growth. Otherwise, those two weeks would tend to be rather calming and recuperative before the Nexus coming in January.

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