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A movement into blissfulness.

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A few months ago I noticed a shift in perspective in my reality as a result of the Michael teachings as well as many other sources including the Bible and Eastern teachings.  This shift has resulted in a new level of contentment in my life.


Basically the broad outline of reality is simple and leads to obvious conclusions.  All of creation is constructed from and by God or Tao so that all beings are part of the same being.  When we do unto others we are literally doing it to ourselves.  This is not theoretical but literally true and is at the heart of what Jesus says in the New Testament as well as the wisdom of the Eastern religions. We are also told in the teachings that we start out in the negative poles of our various characteristics before moving to the positive poles so that experiencing negativity in all its forms is essential to our ultimate purpose.  Any judgement or pain we inflict is on ourselves. There is no motivation to the enlightened mind to feel separate from anyone else no matter how exalted or depraved they may appear to us.  We are also perfect as we are and time is an illusion(thus already perfect).


These precepts internalized can allow us to live life in a detached manner, enjoying the pleasures and not being dragged down by the miseries.  The concept of life plans and essence agreements can soften the pain of horrific events we observe.  There is purpose and agreement in all action.


If we so choose, we can use logic to justify being happy and content in a world that appears to be on a path to self destruction.  Some of the parallels will survive!  All of us will for certain in our perfection.





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