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Overleaves for Holland


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The following content was posted by Troy in the TLE Yahoo group on January 8, 2000.


Do countries have roles? Could a nation be a King or a Scholar or an Artisan....or even a lovely Sage? Indeed a Priest for heavens sake?

Any ideas, insights....or humorous anecdotes concerning this?

OTTERLY: [= Troy]
I don't know if I have actually welcomed you to the list, John, besides the auto-generated welcome, so WELCOME! It is very nice having you here!

As for this question, yes, ANYTHING can be attributed Overleaves as a means to describe the energy. There is a generality to it, but it is interesting, nonetheless. A country can also have overleaves for the year and they are not always the same as they are for the US or planet. I tend to get in the US's Overleaves for the year since there is a predominance of US people on the list. These are called "Community" level Overleaves. There are Global Overleaves, Community, and Personal (as Terri picked up the other day) for the year. I don't usually go for the Global because it is so diffuse and fluid it is very hard to validate. Community level we can at least watch as the year unfolds and see signs of the Overleaves playing out so we can validate. And in private sessions, people ask for the personal overleaves for the year.

So, my point is that if anyone wants the Overleaves for their country for the year, let me know, we'll make a compilation.

As far as Holland and it's Overleaves on its own: 5th Old Server in Acceptance, Passion/Reserve Mode, Pragmatist sliding to Idealist, Intellectual Centering/Emotional Part, Self-deprecation.

Now this IS NOT reflective of the average soul age and overleaves, particularly, but it describes the set of energies people participate in creating collectively. To show how this varies, here is the averaged out overleaves based on the populations' actual overleaves: Mid to last level Old, Scholar/Sage, Acceptance, Passion/Reserved, Idealists/Spiritualists, Proportional Centering, self-deprecation.

It is also a haven for transient Mid to late Mature Souls passing through or seeking the experience of such freedom and acceptance. Small pockets of Young pass through quickly and briefly who really don't "get" what it is about, but like the ability to have what they want without question.

Anyway, food for thought...


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I'd agree with the assessment for Holland. 5th Old makes sense, all kinds of fringe and weirdness are more accepted than not, people seem to be treated equally, common sense prevails. Self-Dep is observable, too. As are the Server and Pragmatist, which were quite tiresome for me in the long run (lived there for 3 years). On the other hand, the country does have the basics of physical life really well taken care of.
My favorite memory from the Netherlands was when we went to get internet for our house and there were two guys who asked for how long we were living there. We said 2 years, to which one of them said: "After 2 years you won't want to leave," and the other: "Or you do!!!" Everyone laughed and we found their honesty refreshing.

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And they have a Cat Museum: https://www.amsterdam.info/museums/cat-cabinet/ 


(It is my theory, just a guess, that Old and Mature souls are more likely to be cat people. One of the old Yarbro Michael books said something to the effect that baby souls don't like cats as a rule...I guess because cats aren't the "do what they're told" types)


I think it's cool that countries have overleaves too - I know some of the older Michael information talked about age levels of souls living in particular countries, and one of the Yarbro books, I believe, talked about countries' Attitudes, but not much else. But of course, it stands to reason that countries would have Overleaves, too. Now it makes me want to find out more.

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