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Would you like MT Infographics?

Katie Zamudio Shoup


Katie Zamudio Shoup

Hi there! I am in the process of creating some infographics and visual guides on some of the MTs and would like some input. I try to take complex information or teachings and translate them into super simple, easy to grasp visual graphics that can be used for sharing or quick reference. The problem is...I am fairly new to the teachings and have so many questions....

Here are a few questions or points: 


- What information would you like to see illustrated/ turned into an infographic?

- Do you have an idea for a graphic but need help illustrating it? Let me know, I may be able to help conceptualize it

- Where would be a good place to get feedback on the correctness of the information? (not a art critique...this would be more of fact checking and accuracy) 

Currently Working on:
- 7 Roles, basic info
- Frequency + Male/Female Energy
- 7 Roles Explained in Depth, one graphic per role
- Essence Development on Earth prior to Human Lives (Devas)

I have other infographics that I have created in the past on these subjects if anyone is interested: 
- 7 Chakras, basics
- Chakras, one graphic per
- Manifestation and Liberation Currents
- Chromotherapy/ Color Therapy

...and I am just doing this because I enjoy it, it helps me learn and retain the information better as a visual learner, it can help other newbies to the MTs.... so any advice or input would be helpful! Thanks!! 





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Katie Zamudio Shoup

@ClaireC-- it is... but it can be an ongoing project. I am trying to take it one graphic at a time. The main issues is condensing all the information into nice bite sized pieces or simplified bits of data that can be easily translated to graphics.  I am hoping to get some input form other members regarding the text content of the infographics. I can nail the art portion, no problem...but I need to be sure that the info I present is accurate. I am in the process of searching the library articles on here to fine tune what I am working on currently. 

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I understand...over the years people have talked about various charts they would like to see, and some have been created, but off-hand I can't think of any right now.  There are some really creative people here who will, no doubt, have some good ideas.  As you peruse the Library and other posts, especially the ones involving Michael Math, you will get an idea of what would illustrate well.

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