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Regarding Being Awakened by Recent World Events

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14 hours ago, ckaricai said:

MEntity: It is similar to the effect one might have in a car accident. The experience is surprisingly "slow-motion" for the one who experiences it.

I have personally experienced exactly this. While my car was still spinning on ice and heading toward a rock wall, I had all the time in the world to think about what was happening, and I made the decision to keep my eyes open because if I died I wanted to be aware of it. (The car was totaled; I got a few cuts from shattered glass and learned about exactly how many muscles I had that could hurt for days.)


This description is surprisingly useful to me as it helps explain why it seems that life has slowed down tremendously while we are going through what is an "awakening" by some, although I do understand your frustration about why it took so damn long to get there. 


Thanks for posting this session!

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On 11/14/2019 at 1:32 PM, ckaricai said:

MEntity: Yes, there comes a time in any individual or group evolution out of the dangers of vulnerability when the term "proud" is general and celebratory rather than as a necessary defiance. Pride as a necessary defiance is a path, Pride as an unnecessary defiance is a position.


This is really good clear advice for those who are differentiating between those who present as a threat and those who are merely inexperienced and ignorant/"waking up" to a larger reality for which they may have been complicit in oppressing a vulnerable group. It takes a lot of energy and time to sort the two apart and feel safe some days. I can see why some people live in defensiveness to protect from what is some days relentless microaggressions. To figure how to use Pride on a case by case basis is a lot of work... and exhausting.


Great session @ckaricai thank you.

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