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Kasia Urbaniak

Leela Corman

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Leela Corman

I've been taking classes online with Kasia Urbaniak, who runs a school for women called The Academy of Power. I love her!! I need to ask Michael about her. I first read about her here, and resonated immediately.




It's powerful stuff.

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"She calls the constant, inherently futile attempt to strike that impossible balance “leveling” — as in trying to get on the same level as everyone you talk to, relentlessly micro-calibrating. “My boobs are too small until they’re too big. I’m too quiet and too mousey until I’m too loud. I’m too serious until I’m too funny. I’m too studious until I’m a fucking failure,” she summarizes. In the language of the Academy, the collective state this generates for women is called “compression”: The competing “dom” and “sub” emotions push women from opposite directions, compressing the female psyche until, as Urbaniak puts it, “that tightrope is so narrow that a woman can hardly fucking breathe.”


What it's like to be a woman in a nutshell.

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